Strolling Along The Seine

This would have to be one of my favourite times of year, in Paris at least. It’s great for walking. Even as it gets colder, as long as I’m bundled up, I enjoy strolling around the city. One of my favourite places to walk is along the Seine. I find it very soothing. The calm of the water, the trees and the boats. As autumn presses on, I find joy in watching the leaves change colour, and in the beauty of the muted, evening light. It’s the start of choosing to sit inside a café instead of on the terrasse, and the start of wanting to hold a hot, take-away coffee in my hands (well more so than in the summer).

It’s probably the most interesting time of year for layering too. I still find the cooler weather a challenge, so layering is key. Until now, I have still been able to wear shorts and sheer tops, but soon they will be replaced for warmer alternatives.

À Paris, l’automne est peut-être une de mes saisons préférées. C’est top pour faire des promenades. Même si le temps devient de plus en plus froid, si je suis bien protégée, j’aime bien me promener dans la ville. Un de mes endroits préférés est à côté de la Seine: le calme de l’eau, les arbres et les péniches. Pendant que l’automne progresse, je prends plaisir à regarder le changement de couleur des feuilles, et la lumière de fin de journée. C’est le moment de choisir une table à l’intérieur d’un café plutôt que sur une terrasse, et de prendre un café chaud à emporter (j’adore faire cela en hiver).

C’est peut-être aussi le moment le plus intéressant pour du “layering”. Je trouve que le temps frais est encore un challenge, donc “layering” est la clé. Jusqu’à maintenant il etait possible de porter des shorts, et des hauts légers, mais ces tenues seront bientôt remplacer par des vêtements plus chauds.

Coat/Manteau & Shorts/Short – H&M

Top/Haut – Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters)

Scarf/Echarpe – Bettina Liano

Belt/Ceinture – Mim

Shoes/Chaussures – Minelli

Bag/Sac – Aridza Bross


~ by fashiondevotion on November 8, 2010.

67 Responses to “Strolling Along The Seine”

  1. Love the outfit :d It looks so amazing out 🙂

  2. i like your hair in these piccies, it just makes you look so fresh!

  3. I like your blouse, the outfit as a whole is great too

  4. I am in love with the bag and scarf!

  5. Fan of the coat for sure. 🙂 Also loving the location- good choice!

  6. j’adooore cette petite chemise à fleur ;.))


  7. Gorgeous shoes Tarsh.

  8. Gorgeous!

  9. thats a great look! i love your shoes. and i agree on weather 🙂
    paris in autumn looks beautiful… and warmer than london!

  10. You look lovely in this outfit and the chignon is perfect on you!

  11. You look super chic doll!

  12. This is one of my favourite parts of Paris. So soothing and refreshing.

    Love your brogues

  13. as long as you’re wearing thick tights, you can wear shorts through winter too!

  14. Love your top

  15. Cool blog and lovely outfits!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting mine =)

    Elaine Valerie

  16. gorgeous black outfit~!
    I want to visit Parissss.

  17. Gorgeous pics! I love Paris, been there once, want to go back around christmas time, is it fun there at that time?

  18. that outfit looks great!!! i like it very much!!! = )

  19. sounds beautiful in paris. oh i want to go there so badly.. your outfit is very lovely. gorgeous photos!! x

  20. thankyou so much! I really like the cape because it is like you said, WARM! 😉

    love your pics here! I’ll be back!

  21. Lovely shoes, am looking a similar pair, lucky you.

  22. you look really gorgeous ! love your top ! 🙂

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog today…you have a great blog and great style…now following you……


  24. WOW love all the pictures, they are so inspiring though!
    My favorite parts of the outfit:
    The shoes, like they were from your boyfriend
    THE BLAZER, omg I love strong tailoring!!
    and the studed belt, loved it.
    Tonio, from the lovely san BLOG
    Hope you like my blog.
    See you

    All fashion lovers, must peep in.

  25. Great outfit! Love your blog & LOOVE Pari!

  26. LOVE the shoes and thanks for your comment!

  27. you look so chic! Ive only visited Paris once but this makes me long to visit again, so beautiful!

  28. I love your shoes so much! nice blog!
    come follow me I will follow back!


  29. such a beautiful girl x

  30. De très jolies photos !

  31. A fellow Parisian blogger – hurrah! Thanks for your comment. Love your blog, am now following. Bisous!

  32. simplement, parfait

  33. Great outfit!

  34. i love this look on you. i love your top and most especially your belt! ❤ lovelove!!

    i love the satchel! and i love that color. whats it called anyway? im so into it nowadays! i love your look. i can still notice your beautiful necklace from afar!

    Taradiddles of A style on a budget

  35. Thanks for your comment! I like your blog!
    I really love your hair this way, it gives you a very fresh look. And i adore your shoes!

    K. Annet

  36. Hi dear
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG !!!!!!!!! You have a great sense of style, you’re very chic 🙂 !
    Now I follow you

    thank you for your lovely comment in my TokyoBlondes ! 🙂


  37. this is really adorable, your layering is perfect! I wish I could pull off wearing my hair like that 🙂


  38. you have a gorgeous sense of style. love this outfit and the pictures!

  39. i am so loving your style!


  40. So chic!!! I would love to live in Paris!!! By the way I looooooved your shoes =)


  41. Your style is so amazing! You look beautiful, and I love the location!!

  42. Cool style! Following you now. Come follow me.

  43. thx, you’re so gorgeous! love your pics! 🙂

  44. i love your shoes!

  45. Great! i’m in love with your blog!

  46. black is always cool, gorgeous, and stun in its own way.. and you look amazing with that outfit dear..
    Closet Test Tube

  47. GREAT coat.

    Love Grace.

  48. Love the jacket! You look very good 🙂

  49. i love your blouse!

  50. your bun looks so perfect. you must spill your secrets..

  51. Love it! Especially the shoes! I miss Paris so much hehe
    check out our fashion illustrations at 🙂

  52. Nice outfit, I love your T-shirt, coat and shoes ♥
    xoxo from Hannie

  53. I’m in love with your blouse, it will surely look great with many outfits!


  54. i really love your coat!!! so perfect!

  55. i love your hair in these photos! i wish mine was long enough to look good! the scarf & shorts are lovely!

  56. I love the idea of wandering down the Seine, you look so sweet darling x

  57. Great outfit! I love your scarf!

  58. i love your blouse!

  59. absolutely gorgeous!!!

  60. love the blouse ! 🙂

  61. you look so cute! love what you’re wearing ;p

  62. Love your shoes so much! Very elegant!

  63. I like your shoes, bag, coat, actually, I like everything you’re wearing.

  64. I love your shoes!!xx

  65. That blouse is so beautiful! And shoes are great, too.

    I would love to have a walk through Paris.

    Peace and love!

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