Five on Friday

As a way to inject some new life and variety into my wardrobe, I came up with Five on Friday.

Basically, the idea behind Five on Friday is that every Friday I’m going to challenge myself to find something for €5. It can come from anywhere, a shop, a market, online, wherever. The only rule being that it must cost no more than €5. It can be anything, an accessory, make-up, clothing, fabric, whatever, as long as it ties into the look I’m trying to create for myself.

I’m looking forward to the challenge. I hope I’ll discover some top spots for bargains, and find myself some interesting pieces.


3 Responses to “Five on Friday”

  1. Oh wow that sounds like so much fun!!! I am going to wat to try it with you…hehe. What is that $10 CAD?? 😉

    Love the blog!

  2. I think this is an awesome idea! (I just found this post whilst browsing). I hope you don’t mind but am going to steal your idea for my blog 🙂 But will up it to $10 Aus.

    ps. So jealous you are in Paris!!

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