Postcards from Normandy – 33 Weeks

Friday – Honfleur

If your mathematics is reasonable, you should be able to discern a discrepancy between the date of my last blog entry and my pregnancy week. This is simply due to the fact Manu and I took these pictures a week and a half ago, and only now have I managed to sit down and post them. Manu took me away to Normandy for a weekend. It was a chance for us to spend some time just the two of us before our baby comes along. We are so excited about meeting the little person growing in my belly, but at the same time we need to really enjoy the moments we have left before we become three.

We had mixed weather. Lots of rain, and lots of sunshine, but either way we enjoyed our time. Our hotel was in the countryside, so by day we visited the prominent towns of the region, and by night we enjoyed the quiet of the fields. We both particularly enjoyed the town of Honfleur. It was so pretty with it’s small, cobbled streets and old buildings, that we went back on Sunday afternoon before driving back to Paris.

Clothing wise, I dressed for comfort and the changing weather. Walking on cobbled streets (like those of Honfleur) in heels is no fun. And since the very slow growth of my baby bump, my motto has become, “Comfort is Key!”. My go-to item for everyday wear has been these Meltin’ Pot jeans. Not only are they my favourite jeans, but they are low enough in the front to allow for some belly, and they have served me this far. The Bettina Liano studded jacket, has been amazing, as I can zip it to open over my belly. T-shirts have been my major problem area. I already have a long torso, so often tees come up a little short. Now that there is more of me, I’ve found very few of the tees I own actually go the distance. The last outfit here has been a favourite of late. The dress is made of cotton so it breathes, but has been warm enough with the less than summery weather Paris has been experiencing.

Si vous êtes bon en maths, il est possible que vous trouviez une différence entre la date de mon dernier article et ma semaine de grossesse. En fait c’est très simple: Manu a pris ces photos il y a une semaine et demie, et c’est juste maintenant que je trouve le temps de m’asseoir et de les publier. Manu m’a emmené en weekend en Normandie. C’était ma première fois, et ce fut formidable de passer un peu de temps tous les deux avant l’arrivée de notre bébé. On est hyper excité de enfin rencontrer cette petite personne qui grandit dans mon ventre, mais c’est également très important de profiter du temps qu’il nous reste à deux.

En Normandie on a eu une météo mitigée. Beaucoup de pluie, mais aussi beaucoup de soleil. On a quand même passé un très bon weekend. Notre hôtel était situé à la campagne. Nous avons visité les villes aux alentours durant la journée, et la soir nous avons profité du calme autour de l’hôtel. Nous avons particulièrement aimé la ville d’Honfleur. C’est une très belle ville, avec ses rues pavées et ses anciens bâtiments. On a tellement aimé que nous y sommes retournés avant de prendre la route pour Paris.

En ce qui concerne mes vêtements, je me suis habillée avec des tenues confortables et adaptées à la météo changeante. Marcher sur les pavés en talons (comme à Honfleur) ce n’est pas très amusant. Depuis que mon ventre à commencé à pousser, ma devise est “le confort c’est le plus important”. L’élément indispensable de ma garde robe est ce jean Meltin’ Pot. Ce n’est pas seulement mon jean préféré, mais la taille est si basse que mon ventre reste au dessus. Ce jean m’a été très utile jusqu’à maintenant. La veste cloutée de Bettina Liano est très utile car je peux la zipper sous mon ventre. Le plus gros problème pour moi c’est au niveau des T-shirts. J’ai un torse long, donc en général les t-shirts sont un peu courts. Maintenant que mon ventre grossit je trouve très peu de t-shirts qui le couvre. La dernière tenue est ma favorite en ce moment. La robe est en coton, donc elle respire, mais elle est assez chaude pour les basses températures que l’on a à Paris cet été. 

Jacket/Veste – Bettina Liano

Jeans/Jean – Meltin’ Pot

T-shirt – H&M

Bag/Sac – Topshop

Shoes/Chaussures – Sara Cole

Saturday – Trouville 

Trousers/Pantalon – Maje

Top/Débardeur – Kookaï

Scarf/Foullard – H&M

Shoes/Chaussures – Rudy’s

Belt/Ceinture – Bought at a market/Achêter au marché

Sunday – Honfleur

Leather Jacket/Veste en Cuir – Asos

Dress/Robe – Twist and Tango

Boots/Bottes – Maje

Bag/Sac – Topshop


~ by fashiondevotion on August 3, 2011.

18 Responses to “Postcards from Normandy – 33 Weeks”

  1. Gorgeous as always chickadee. And I still say I look more pregnant than you! :-p (And I’m not preggers. Yet.) Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Love the Saturday scarf and Sunday boots! (And love the website, too.) You look stunning xx

  3. Cute outfits!

  4. pretty photos! xo

    p.s. I’m having a sunglasses giveaway if you’d like to check it out!

  5. I love Honfleur like you wouldn’t believe. Spent a lovely winter’s day there and in Trouville a couple of years ago.

    Love what you’re wearing in Trouville – so French chic!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    onto animated musings

  6. Love the first and 3rd outfit. I like the simplicity. it’s defintiely my style. Thanks for your comment!


  7. wow you really like to wear black 🙂 love that studded jacket; you look fabulous in all of these!

  8. Love all these outfits! The last one is my favorite!

  9. Love the outfits! 🙂
    Thanks for your comment!
    Have a nice day 😀


  10. Hi Natasha!
    Love the first outfit!
    I loove your studded jacket, the bag is great, and cute flats! 😀
    And wow, you don’t even look pregnant!

    Thank you for your comment on my last post! 🙂

  11. I love your glasses!

  12. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    I love that studded jacket of yours by the way! It looks amazing!

  13. The architecture is beautiful and you of course look lovely! I really like your boots in the second outfit. Seems like you had a nice time.

  14. Your blog is lovely! I love yor style

  15. Congrats on your pregnancy lady. It’s been a while since I stopped by. How lovely of you to go to Normandy! You look great. Carrying so well. Congrats again and enjoy the moments!

  16. Ton pantalon est super beau! J’aime la couleur!:)Biz

    Angela Donava

  17. I love your style and your blog! check out mine and follow! I follow yours back!

  18. Your blog is amazing! LOVE.


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