Vintage Poncho

We had an amazing time in the Alps over the holidays, so I was extra sad to leave. I made the most of my time there, snowboarding whenever possible, relaxing, and being with my French family.  I also ransacked my part of the wardrobe and unearthed this vintage, wool Poncho. I’d forgotten I had it, and I am so happy to be reunited. It’s from Scotland and it’s sooo warm. All things good for an Australian girl struggling through the colder months. I also found this skirt. I made it a few years ago. It’s a tad too long, but with the cold, its’ extra length is not unwelcome.

Christmas was fabulous and I was certainly spoiled. These boots were a gift from Manu, and they were such a surprise. They were on my list, but I had pretty much forgotten that I had added them. They are sooo warm and comfortable. It’s love! My Mum sent me one of her creations which is the blue glass ring. The packet got lost in transit, but fortunately it turned up just before I headed back to Paris.

Happy New Year everyone!!! xxx

On a passé de très belles vacances dans les Alpes, j’étais très triste de partir. J’en ai profité au maximum là-bas. J’ai fait du snowboard à chaque opportunité, je me suis reposée, et j’ai adoré être avec ma famille française. J’ai également bien remué ma partie de notre garde-robe, et j’ai découvert ce Poncho vintage, en laine. Je l’avais complètement oublié, et je suis très contente que nous soyons réuni. Il vient d’Ecosse et il est super chaud. Parfait pour une fille Australienne durant les mois les plus froids. J’ai même trouvé cette jupe que j’ai fait il y a quelques années. Elle est un peu trop longue, mais avec ce froid je la met avec plaisir.

Noël était excellent et j’ai eu de très beaux cadeaux. Ces bottes étaient un cadeau de Manu. Je les ai mis sûr ma liste, mais j’avais presque oublié qu’elle y étaient. Elles sont bien chaudes et confortables. C’est l’amour! Ma mère m’a envoyé une de ses créations: cette bague en verre bleue. Le paquet s’était perdu en transit, et est arrivé juste avant que je parte pour Paris.

Bonne Année à tous!!! xxx

Poncho – Vintage

Cardigan & Blouse/Cardigan & Chemise – Jigsaw (old collection/ancienne collection)

Skirt/Jupe – DIY

Boots/Bottes – Maje

Glass Ring/Bague en verre – My Mum/Ma Mère


~ by fashiondevotion on January 10, 2011.

53 Responses to “Vintage Poncho”

  1. oh that poncho was as great find, i love how you paired it with that gorgeous blue skirt! slightly lusting after your wedge boots too, they look fabulous.
    sounds like youve been having lots of fun.x

  2. Glad you are back! Nice look!

  3. I am loving that vintage poncho…


  4. I love your skirt! It is gorgeous.
    Please check out/follow my blog. I really love yours-you are so lucky to be living in Paris!

  5. Love the skirt and the shoes so much!

  6. first of all- you look fantastic.
    absolutely love this outfit- it’s so cute.
    glad im following your blog dear


  7. Thank you for your comment. Yes I know i’ve also been hearing about a bush fire that was deliberately lit in Perth i think.. it is so effed. You look gorgeous btw x

    F. (

  8. Sure sounds like you had a fab holiday!
    I love the colour and cut of your skirt. Lovely pairing with those boots!

  9. LOVE your shoes 🙂 great blog

  10. fantastic skirt and shoes!

  11. love the poncho! thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!
    shea marie from CHEYENNE MEETS CHANEL

  12. This is such a beautiful outfit! The colors are perfect and you look so warm, I would wear it in a heartbeat!

  13. Gorgeous pictures, I love your poncho and boots!

  14. am loving this, such a fun outfit am not so big on ponchos but you’ve totally pulled it off!

  15. THanks for your comment! Just checked out your blog and I’m addicted. Great style!

  16. lovely cosy, warm, and chic outfit! your booties are gorgeous!

  17. Gorgeous outfit, I adore the boots and the poncho looks like a lot of fun! Happy New Year and all the best for 2011!

    Hannah xx

  18. hey thanks for your comment, i love your wedges ! kisses

  19. Lovely! Great shoes 🙂

  20. I love your poncho, it looks great on you
    Thanks for visiting!

    Sootjeelina ❤

  21. I like your style! 😀

  22. Great picture!

  23. adorable shoes!

  24. The shoes are definitely my favorite part of this outfit. They look so cozy! :O


  25. Oh, also! The last comment links to my old blog. Just letting you know. I don’t check that one anymore.


  26. lovely:)))

  27. love it, so perfect

  28. I love your shoes! ^^

  29. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you will return soon.

  30. Wow, this sounds amazing. Paris?? The Alps?? Snowboarding?!
    Gorgeous shoes??? I’m jealous!

  31. what a charming outfit! i’m loving every single aspect of itt! as well as your blog! so inspiring and wonderful! so glad i stopped by and found you(:


  32. Nice shoes 😉

  33. love ponchos yours is beautifyl, really nice outfit! xx

  34. Oh, that skirt looks so lovely! the colour, the shape and
    everything! even the material looks as though it would feel nice 🙂

  35. Your shoes look amazing and they look like they are comfy!!
    and I have to say that the green glass ring is so gorgues and the
    colour is amazing!!

  36. thank you for the comment! those booties and poncho and

  37. Love love love your shoes and ring! 🙂

  38. you look soo nice! I like how you wear this outfit!
    big kiss

  39. Aw, sweet, I love that skirt – such a great colour.

  40. I love that skirt, and your shoes are so cute!

  41. Your outfit is essentially the solution I have been
    searching for! I love wearing skirts and tights in the winter but
    when I get dressed it always feels so cold. You manage to look
    absolutely wonderful and absolutely warm. I love it all, but
    especially the boots! What a great present! Thanks for visiting my
    blog, feel free to come back ;)!

  42. Lovely and worm outfit! Ciao

  43. You’re super beautiful and classy in here!

  44. love the color of this skirt and ring 🙂
    love ur blog
    hope u check out mine

  45. You look warm and chic!

    Thanks for the blog comment, visit again soon!

    Pretty Little Liars is on the ABC/Family channel but you can watch it online too. 🙂


  46. hope you’re having a wonderful weekend darling! xx

  47. Great look!! so much in love with the booties

  48. this is adorable… I love your poncho 🙂

  49. love the poncho!

  50. I love snowboardinggggggg!!!!!!!

    Follow my blog :

  51. This is a beautiful outfit! I love that green skirt, it’s so cute on you!

    VPV Intern

  52. Adore your skirt!

    Love Grace.

  53. beautiful set!
    love your boots and skirt!!

    all the best from Poland!

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