Cold Snap

Cold. And getting colder. This can mean only three things to me at this point. The first, winter is really here… duh. Secondly, that it will soon be time to hit the slopes over Christmas… woohoo!. And thirdly, I need a new coat. This H&M number has been my go-to coat for the past year, but a longer length coat is definitely what I need heading into the coldest part of the year. That, and an abundance of sweaters and long sleeved tees (my wardrobe is very much lacking in winter friendly clothing). Sadly, I have found there to be a serious lack of long sleeves, long enough in the body (for me), available in stores just now. Short sleeves are in abundance, and I have to wonder why? They are just so impractical for this time of year (for me at least).

I’m sorry for neglecting the blog over the last few weeks. I have so much to do at the moment, and with the cold, rainy weather of the past few weeks, it has hardly been opportunistic for photo shoots. At least come the start of next year I can reveal what has been consuming the better part of my time recently xxx

Froid. Et de plus en plus froid. Pour moi ça peut vouloir dire trois choses. La première que c’est vraiment l’hiver… “duh”. Deuxièmement, que c’est bientôt le temps d’aller sur les pistes de ski (vers Noël)… “woohoo!” Et troisièmement, que j’ai besoin d’un nouveau manteau. Ce manteau de H&M je l’ai depuis un an, mais maintenant j’ai besoin d’un manteau plus long pour les mois les plus froid. En plus de cela, j’ai également besoin de beaucoup de pulls et de t-shirts à manches longues (ma garde-robe manque sérieusement de vêtements d’hiver). Malheureusement, je ne trouve pas grand chose (j’ai un haut du corps assez long) en magasin en ce moment. Les manches courtes sont partout, et je me demande… pourquoi? Elles ne sont pas pratiques à ce moment de l’année (au moins pour moi).

Je suis désolée d’avoir négligé le blog pendant ces dernières semaines. J’ai pas mal de choses à faire en ce moment, et avec ce temps froid et pluvieux, il n’est pas très facile de prendre des photos dehors. Heureusement, en début d’année je pourrais vous révéler le projet qui m’a beaucoup occupé récemment xxx

Coat, Tee & Sweater/Manteau, T-shirt & Pull – H&M

Jeans/Jean – Sass & Bide

Blazer/Veste – Version Sud

Scarf/Foulard – Uniqlo

Hat/Chapeau – Jennyfer

Boots/Bottes – Rudy’s

Bag/Sac – Aridza Bross


~ by fashiondevotion on November 23, 2010.

37 Responses to “Cold Snap”

  1. Cool outfit! Love the jeans!

  2. Nice coat! I also need to stock up for winter very soon!

  3. love your outfit1 and amazing shots:)))

  4. We have missed you out on the world wide web. Hope life slows down so you can begin inspiring us all again with your fantastic sense of style.

  5. So lovely. Every piece looks fantastic on you.

  6. those are really nice photographs, I like your jeans a lot ^^

  7. so so glad its warm here!
    love the beanie & scarf combo, so cute.x

  8. You’re right, to short sweaters are the worst! I hate them during the winter.

  9. I love the beanie on you:)

  10. Such a beautiful outfit. Very relaxed but also very chic. I love the jeans with the boots!! ❤

  11. Hi Natasha!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! Your style is amazing!!!

  12. I love the layering!
    urban chic, great set!

  13. I like how you wear these boyfriend jeans!! so so nice!

  14. Hi!! Thanks for your comment! We love your amazing style!!!Kises from Spain!

  15. Gorgeous bag!

  16. beautiful photos! tellement belles!

  17. amazing look 🙂


  18. beautiful x hivennn.

  19. Gorgeous outfit. You look amazing.

  20. I totally love your photos… j’aime la France 🙂 <3!!

    Thanks 4 following my new blog.


  21. This pictures around Paris are really nice…and your outfit it’s perfect to wander around…so cozy! Have a lovely weekend!

  22. Love everything of these pictures: the street at the background, your long hair over the jacket and that super cozy hat! Marvellous!

  23. These hat looks good on you!


  24. I love this outfit 😀

  25. great photos and your outfit is perfect for fall and winter, just the type of outfit i want to wear 🙂

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Fashion Bag 411

  26. REally like this comfy clothes

  27. Oh wow, I love your jeans!!


  28. You look so comfy, warm and adorable!

    Miss Neira

  29. I love your hat! I need to find one just like that to get me through this freezing cold weather!

  30. so you have to return to Barcelona so soon! you’ll love it! =)

    I really like this outfit… and I love cold!!!


  31. So beautiful style!

  32. It’s also really cold out here. Sometimes I just don’t know what to wear because of the weather and the only solution is jeans. But you have the perfect outfit for this kind of weather. Love it!

  33. you look so lovely! i wish i could pull of the slouchy jeans like you can



  34. i love the hat & scarf! you look fabulous!

  35. I love your bag and beanie! I wish I could pull off jeans like that!

  36. from the location down to your outfit, this post is perfection. i love this! great work.

  37. Love the jeans – a perfect fit. x

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