The Beat Goes On

I have been favouring this outfit a lot lately. It’s comfortable, and I feel like myself in it. Yes, I am wearing two jackets… but the studded number is so light and t-shirt-like, that it almost doesn’t count. I love that the dropped shoulders and the studs almost contradict one another, in a slouchy vs rocker, kinda way. I love how form fitting these jeans are, without them cutting off circulation. And these boots have had so much more use than even I could have predicted. You might have seen most of these pieces before on my blog, but alas, I do wear things more than once. Another thing worth a mention here is the biker jacket. Its is the same as this one, which I actually have in three colours and one in denim. I have never been so glad to have stocked up on any one thing as these biker jackets. I have been wearing them for about six years. This red one was the first, and again, I think it’s worth mentioning (especially considering the feature of my last post) that as I child I really disliked wearing red.

Cette tenue est une de mes préférées en ce moment. Elle est confortable, et je me sens moi-même avec elle. Oui, je porte deux vestes, mais la noir cloutée est plutôt comme un t-shirt. J’adore la contradiction entre les épaules tombantes qui donnent un style détendu, et les clous qui sont plus rocker. J’adore également la façon dont ce jean prend bien les formes sans toutefois coupé la circulation sanguine. J’ai porté ces bottes beaucoup plus de fois que je l’avais prévu. Vous les avez peut être déjà vu sur mon blog, mais bon, je porte mes vêtements plus d’une fois. Une autre chose intéressante est cette veste biker. C’est la même que sur cet article: je l’ai en trois couleurs, et une en jean. Je suis tellement contente d’en avoir acheté plusieurs. Ça fait six ans que je les ai. La rouge était la première de ma collection, ce qui est plutôt intéressant (en particulier quand on se rappelle du manteau de mon dernier article)  car quand j’était petite, je détestais porter des vêtements rouge.

Jacket/Veste – Jigsaw (Old/Ancienne Collection)

Studded Jacket/Veste cloutés & Jeans/Jean – Bettina Liano

T-shirt – Etam

Boots/Bottes – Maje

Bag/Sac – Aridza Bross

Scarf/Foulard – Uniqlo


~ by fashiondevotion on November 1, 2010.

70 Responses to “The Beat Goes On”

  1. LOVE this outfit!!! That red jacket is amazing 😀

  2. love your boots!!! and the leave’s pic ❤


  3. I love the studded jacket, so burberry like, I’m obsessed with anything studded this year and rocker chic is my favorite style

  4. Amazing outfit!

  5. J’aime beaucoup cette veste rouge 🙂 !!

    Des bisous

  6. Love your jacket! : ) xx

  7. J’adore ta tenue et ta coiffure !! 🙂 Et j’aime surtout ta veste (a)

  8. You look lovely, I love how relaxed and casual your outfit is, yet still very stylish. Great choice in women’s clothing!

  9. would you like to follow each other??

    nice outfit!! = )

  10. That jacket is such a find! What a great colour on you!

  11. Nice outfit chickie. 🙂 I do love the boots and the scarf is a nice touch! 🙂

  12. The scarf really makes the outfit!

  13. Love that red colour! You look gorgeous in the picture where you’re sideways.


  14. what a perfect fall outfit and that shade of deep red is lovely on you!

  15. Killer boots!

    Love Grace.

  16. The colour of the jacket goes so good to your face and hair! Love it!

  17. I am really loving the colour of that jacket/coat! Sorry I have been away for so long but thanks for continuing to visit my blog!

    Adèle –

  18. Gorgeous outfit. I love it!!

  19. I love your outfit!
    I am now following you.
    Can you follow me too, please?

  20. Omg the studded jacket is sick! Ofc, the maroon number is awesome as well. Am always seeing the black version.

  21. Tell me about your design stuff! Are you a graphic designer or fashion designer? I am so feeling the lack of wardrobe due to studying/having no money etc…. but at least it makes you more imaginative hey?! I’m planning to head to UK to do further study (and paris 4 holiday) is paris all its cracked up to be? amazing thrift stores etc?? xxxx

    • I’m a fashion designer. And yes, Paris has great shopping. Some of the thrift stores are too packed, and can be a nightmare just to move about in, but then others are really good. It’s definitely worth a visit here xxx

  22. Love the outfit….the jacket color is so pretty….and of course the animal print scarf is gorgeous!!!

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  23. love ur jacket so much!!!

  24. Great look!

  25. Love your studded jacket and your coat has a great color.

    Big kiss from:

  26. WOW! great style & lovely blog, please check out mine, it’s new and i need followers

  27. I love this. Duh. What don’t I love on you?

    But I really love it because I just got my first pair of skinny jeans and I am looking for every way possible to rock them. If only I could fly to Paris and be as cool as you…sigh. 🙂 xo

  28. i love your boots ♥

  29. wow! very nice outfit (i love your shoes ;D)
    greetings from poland

  30. very cool scarf and boots especially.
    thank you for the nice comment on style odyssey. i’m following you on twitter now. cheers!

  31. this is awesome!
    thanks so much for your comment, you know i’ll be back here again for sure!


  32. Very cute!

  33. I love your blog, I follow you!

    Do you live in Paris studying fashion?
    I would like to do it, but i still have some doubts.

    Would you please suggest me some schools?

    Thank you 🙂


  34. Great style! xoxo

  35. Great look as per usual! I love your scarf!

  36. wow, i love the jacket with the studded sleeves. the way you’ve layered the jackets is genius! a very casual chic ensemble for on the go.

  37. I love this look. Great jacket.

  38. Hello thanks for visiting my blog!!! Hope you follow back:


  39. Like it.
    Love the Shirt!


  40. Love your style!!! And love red!!!
    Thank for your comment on my blog! Follow me if you want, i follow you back!

  41. Great outfit, I really love the stud-details on your jacket

    xoxo Sootjeelina ❤

  42. Love the jacket

  43. Amazing blog! Natasha, you look like you’re a model, are you?

  44. veeery nice look! love the shoes:)

  45. these are gorg!

  46. Your jacket is so cool… the rusty colour really makes it. I’m also a big fan of the studded sleeves of the jacket underneath; a really unexpected and effective element. Also like the picture of the Parisian drain. That’s one thing I remember so clearly from visiting, watching the water running down the street in the mornings. : )

  47. you look so chic!

  48. thanks for the comment! actually… you are rather gorgeous yourself!! 😉
    and the streets of paris… ah ❤
    i'll follow your adventures 😉
    would you like to join me in mine?

  49. love your look 🙂

  50. Loving your post 🙂 Thanks for checking out by blog… I’m happy you
    like it.

  51. I like the idea of layering 2 jackets. Why not?

    B* a la Moda

  52. Love the red jacket en the studded vest! Amazing girl

  53. That outfit is gorgeous. The jacket is really amazinggg.

  54. that jacket is amazing – what a lovely color!


  55. i love your black jacket 🙂
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  56. Great outfit! I loooove the layered jackets and I’m so envious of your boots!

    xoxo coco

  57. Incredible laying! I love the red jacket o top of all the black and silver. 🙂 Those shoes are ridiculously awesome, too, and if they’re gone when you wake up.. I don’t have them. :DD;

  58. You live down such a great street for taking photos…

  59. You look stunning!

  60. Beautiful! I really love your blouse! xoxoxooo

  61. Hi,

    We at Bettina think this looks great. Is it ok if we use this photo on our social media pages?


  62. loving the red jacket

  63. Love your jacket!

  64. The shoes!x


  65. I like your blog!!!!

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