If Only I Could Fly

If I could say one thing about this dress, it’s that it really takes me back to my childhood. The layers and the frills and the fullness, make it such a fun dress to play in. Spinning, jumping and running take on a whole new meaning when the the fabric plays along too. When I was a child all my skirts or dresses had be fun to spin in, which basically meant nothing but full circle skirts. For a long time my most cherished item of clothing was a fluorescent green/yellow circle skirt attached to black bicycle shorts. Perfect for spinning. It was also the early nineties, when this kind of get-up was socially acceptable.

Si j’ai une chose à dire sur cette robe, c’est qu’elle me ramène à mon enfance. Les couches et les volants en font une robe très “fun” et amusante. Pirouetter, sauter, et courir prennent une toute nouvelle signification lorsque le tissu répond à tous mes mouvements. Quand j’était petite, toutes mes jupes devaient être fun et me permettre de faire des pirouettes: cela voulait souvent dire qu’elles étaient circulaires. Pendant très longtemps, mon vêtement préféré a été une jupe circulaire de couleur verte/jaune fluo attachée à un short de velo noir: parfait pour faire des pirouettes! C’était aussi le début des années quatre-vingt, où il était socialement acceptable de porter des vêtements comme ça.

Dress/Robe – H&M Garden Collection

Belt/Ceinture – DIY

Tights/Collant – Marks & Spencers

Shoes/Chaussures – Asos

Jacket/Veste – Jigsaw (Old/Ancienne Collection)


~ by fashiondevotion on October 18, 2010.

65 Responses to “If Only I Could Fly”

  1. that dress is gorgeous, especially teamed with that jacket.

  2. My skirts was very important for me too when I was a child 🙂 You look so sweet!

  3. Love the dress so much!

  4. Gorgeous dress!


  5. Lovely! Seems that the weather is good in there…

  6. LOVE this! The dress is so pretty and I love the blazer! 😀

  7. I love the action shots. I think you should twirl more often. xo

  8. I’ve searched this dress for ages in shop but never found it … love it!

  9. this dress is so feminine! i love flowers, they’re perfect for autumn and spring time. also really like the pink jacket

  10. Superbe cette robe, j’adore cet imprimé.. elle est bien portée!

    Virginie/ DIY Fashion Blog

  11. Nice print on your dress!

  12. Lovely dress!
    thank u for your comment on my blog

    follow me


  13. Thank you very much for your comment, we really enjoyed your blog. You have great style. We love the Garden Collection.
    We´re following you. xx


  14. Gorgeous outfit.

  15. the dress is so cute on you!


  16. Your jacket is really cool!


  17. Cute dress!! ❤

  18. hi. thanks for visiting my blog! i love ruffles but they don’t love me back. however, you look great in that dress and the blazer is an amazing colour.

  19. adore the tiers/layers…along with the floral print, it certainly does give the dress a fun and feminine look.


  20. I absolutely love this outfit! By the time I got to H&M that dress was sold out, so lucky you scored one!

  21. love it with the pink jacket.

  22. This dress looks fab on you! Love the print x

  23. love your coat!!

    stop by sometime<3

  24. great dress!!!
    thanx for your comment 🙂

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  26. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are amazing!! And that pink jacket is so pretty with it. xo

  27. That is a lovely dress indeed…you look gorgeous in it!


  28. natasha, thank you for your darling comment 🙂 your blog is wonderful, i am so envious you live in paris!!! will be following you from now on 🙂 xxx

  29. J’adore, la robe et la veste c’est juste parfait! 🙂

  30. I adore the colors of this dress, so funky ! I think you look a little bit like Anna Paquin, do U like vampires too ?

    See U !

  31. i love this post ^^

  32. I love the hem on that dress! Also it looks so nice and warm there. It’s going to snow here this weekend:(

  33. I love the hem on that dress. Also It looks so warm there! It’s going to snow here this weekend 😦

  34. Such a beautiful dress! I adore the ruffles and the bright colors — a perfectly whimsical outfit! xoxo

  35. I love that you put such a sweet pink jacket over this great outfit! Everyone is doing the leather or fur so it’s nice and different!!

  36. you styled it perfectly! i love twirly spinning skirts too . . . what girl doesn’t?

  37. Such a beautiful dress!! You look so pretty in all your pictures! xoxoxoxoo

  38. lusting this dress!! The print is so adorable 🙂


  39. That dress is super pretty, I love ruffles details! And you look gorgeous all together!

    Have an awesome weekend, darl (:

    Sanny’s Head to Heart

  40. thank you ! your dress is amazing! xxx

  41. Such a cute outfit! ❤

  42. wow! you have such an amazing style!!! =)


  43. you look perfect wearing this dress! 😉

  44. Love your dress and outfit! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog : ) Have a lovely wknd xx

  45. I love how colorful your dress is!

  46. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! That means so much to me!

    Really love your outfits!!

    And please, – MAKE ME STYLISH!

  47. Qu’elle est jolie cette robe, j’adore l’imprimé fleuri, c’est une bonne idée de la ressortir maintenant qu’il commence à faire froid et gris !

  48. Love, love, love that dress. Tres chic! 🙂 Paris in Pink

  49. The color of your jacket is fantastic!

    Love Grace.

  50. hi, i just came across your blog and it is great! i really like your style! check out my blog and if you like we could follow each other?…


  51. Oh my, you know it’s so funny that you should wear this dress now – I’ve recently been eying it up on ebay! haha. Looks fantastic on you xx


  52. Une très jolie tenue ! La robe est superbe 😉

  53. Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire !
    & Whao’, je suis totalement fan de ta robe, elle est superbe ! ♥.

  54. the dress you’re wearing is very nice.

  55. love what your wearing xxx

  56. love your dress and jacket!!


  57. That floral dress is just gorgeous!!

  58. stunning ^^,

  59. ET j’aime beaucoup la manière dont ta robe tend à faire souffler un vent d’Elégance freshy / girly on urban territory !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine
    (Aussi présent sur http://stilettostetico.blogspot.com

  60. hey natasha…
    drop by at your blog =) thanks 4 your lovely comment..
    nice blog you got here..
    i just love you dress. it’s so beautiful and you totally rock it..
    the color is amazing and bright..
    really suits you well sweety..

    =) take care dear…

  61. […] things more than once. Another thing worth a mention here is the biker jacket. Its is the same as this one, which I actually have in three colours and one in denim. I have never been so glad to have stocked […]

  62. The jacket I love it and want it. The whole look is awasome. Come and visit me to when you have time and bring your coat;O)

  63. Beautiful, beautiful dress!


  64. trop jolie cette petite robe ;.)

  65. I absolutely adore this outfit! And it looks simply stunning on you.

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