Happy Feet

Settling into my new schedule with classes, study and work is taking longer than I expected. So much so, I was once again absent from the blog this week. The rainy weather also prevented Manu and I from venturing out to photograph my outfits. I was happy to have a quiet day on Sunday. Time to sleep, potter around the apartment and meet a friend at a cafe. The sun has returned, and just having blue skies has lighted my heart.

For my coffee date, I un-boxed my favourite shoes, these Dolce and Gabbana sling-backs. These shoes are so comfortable, and the heel is a great height to dress-up, or keep smart casual. I also unearthed this silk top I made for an exhibition last year, relishing in what could perhaps be the last chance to wear a garment this light, until next spring. I carried my Country Road Clutch (again), and the feeling that I have my three bags on rotation is definitely confirmed.

I’d also like to take this chance to thank-you all for your comments on my last few posts. I have been overwhelmed by the support! Please keep those comments coming xxx

J’ai eu besoin d’un peu plus de temps que prévu pour rentrer dans mon nouveau rythme dans lequel je dois gérer mes cours, mes devoirs et mon travail. C’est pour cela que je me suis absentée du blog une nouvelle fois la semaine dernière. Le mauvais temps ne nous a également pas permis, Manu et moi, de prendre des photos de mes tenues. J’étais très contente d’avoir un dimanche tranquille: une grasse matinée, le temps de faire les petits riens dans l’apartement et de boire un verre avec une amie au café. Le retour du soleil, et le ciel bleu m’ont fait du bien.

Pour mon rendez-vous au café, j’ai re-sorti mes chaussures préférées, mes sling-backs Dolce and Gabbana. Ces chaussures sont tellement confortables, et les talons ont une hauteur parfaite, ce qui les rend très agréable à porter le jour et la nuit. J’ai même redécouvert ce haut que j’ai fait l’année dernière pour une exposition: j’ai adoré le porter, peut-être pour la dernière fois jusqu’au printemps prochain. J’ai encore choisi ma pochette Country Road, et le sentiment que je porte les trois même sacs en boucle est validé.

J’en profite pour tous vous remercier pour vos commentaires sur mes derniers posts. Je suis bluffée par le soutien! Continuez à laisser vos commentaires et avis xxx

Jacket/Veste – H&M

Top/Haut – DIY

Belt/Ceinture – Sandro

Jeans/Jean – Sass & Bide

Shoes/Chaussures – Dolce and Gabbana

Clutch/Pochette – Country Road

~ by fashiondevotion on October 10, 2010.

51 Responses to “Happy Feet”

  1. This outfit looks amazing on you- perfect proportions! 😀

  2. Nice belt! Such a chic comfortable look

  3. wow, you are just gorgeous! this outfit looks great on you!

    love always,

  4. I love your silk top. Your heels look great with the Sass and Bide jeans.

  5. Gorgeous belt, and clutch!! I love the colors, and metal pieces!


  6. I love the back of your top!
    Great bag 🙂

  7. the cuffed jeans & your clutch = gorg!


  8. You know I love the shoes. 😉 And the top is gorgeous as well.

  9. I saw your outfits and I really love your style! I would steel some pieces of your wardrobe! 🙂

  10. Hi beautiful!!
    Thank you for your comment, I can’t wait to see the YSL movie, but I guess you’re right, the fashion parts must be the best!
    Thank you for stoping by! Follow if you like 😉

    Love from Stockholm..

  11. so pretty!!

  12. Hi Natasha!
    Thanks for the sweet comment!

    I love your belt, Sandro is one of the coolest brands around! 🙂



  13. salut
    c’est la premiere fois que je visite ton blog et franchement
    j’aime beaucoup tt tes look ( j’adore ) et puis les photos sont jolies


  14. Hi,
    It’s the first time I see your website
    and I realy love it. the pics are very nice!!!
    (excuse me for the english because i’m french lol)


  15. Gorgeous outfit!


  16. You have the same name as me! Yay 😉 I love the DIY top.

  17. This is beautiful! You look amazing, and that top is just fabulous!
    Love your blog – I’m following you and can’t wait to see more!
    Feel free to check out my blog at http://theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com and follow if you’d like 🙂


  18. Great shoes!!!

  19. I love the jacket! This is something that is very classic and chic – perfect for Paris! I’m glad the sun came back out – it enhances your beauty! 🙂 xo

  20. I totally get what you mean about managing school and blogging at the same time…I’m in the exact predicament! What’s more I don’t have a regular photographer! 😦


  21. those D&G slingbacks are classic and perfect to pair with any ensemble like you’ve pointed out. love your top…overall a beautiful look


  22. so cuteee!

  23. wow, i love this outfit!!

    heels and jacket are stunning:)

  24. thanku so much for commenting on my blog! means alot!

    feel free to follow me on google friends and bloglovin!

    keep in touch. xx

  25. gorgeous outfit!!! you look fab! 🙂 just added you to twitter – yay! x

  26. loving this inspiration
    MAD perfection, so great
    thanks for your comments on my blog, they mean the world!


  27. thanks for commenting on my blog. love yours!


    http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  28. love the jeans and the clutch!

  29. Thank you! I like your photos, very nice! And how cool that you live in Paris!

    xx Marije

  30. Lovely pumps! So timeless!

    Thanks for stopping by, btw…

  31. Nice b-friend jeans!

  32. those shoes are killer

  33. love this look – the belt is fabulous xxxx

  34. You look very chic and stylish cute outfit. Love the cut of your pants

    P.S Go enter my international giveaway for a 4GB USB Mimobot. They’re adorable http://tinyurl.com/2vyxcp2

  35. can never go wrong with a little d&g, very chic.

    pls folow us : shop-melou.blogspot.com

  36. gorgeous outfit pics, the lighting is beautiful.
    Love the snakeskin shoes

  37. You look lovely!

  38. Your outfit’s stunning.

  39. Nice attire! I love the neckline detail of your top.

  40. i looove the fit of thoe jeans, sooo hot on you and the footwear really compliment it soo well. and i adore the style of your top, the belted waist is perfection

  41. love in your shoes! good blog! come to my blog to see my new post! 😉

  42. you got great style. xo http://www.fashionablenotebook.blogspot.com

  43. Absolutely adore the clutch and the belt. Do want!

  44. i love your belt!


  45. thanks for stopping by my blog! cute belt!

  46. Woah! Hold those shoes – they are hot!! I love your silk top, belt and clutch – such a chic and relaxed outfit for the weekend.:)

  47. hi darling! you look lovely.
    such amazing hair and the outfit is great.
    thanks for stopping by me 😉
    hope youre enjoying your weekend
    take care


  48. Great shoes!


  49. That belt is awesome! Love it!

  50. wow. you are beautiful. i love this outifit and amazing photography. i love you style and i am so following.


  51. love for fashion is always good

    I’m waiting for you in my blog


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