Sweet In The Sixteenth

It’s been another busy week for me here in Paris. Last Sunday night Manu and I returned from a few days in the Alps. The change of scene and the fresh air did us some good, even if it was not the most relaxing of trips. We arrived back late on Sunday night, and I was up very early on the Monday for a French Test. I’ve just enrolled in some classes, so Monday was a test of my level in French, and the classes commenced mid-week. I also had my cousin and a friend of hers visit for three nights, and they would have to have been our most exuberant guests so far. We had a great time seeing some sights and sitting in cafés. The late nights, early mornings and general lack of sleep really started to take their toll on me. Hence my absence from the blog in the last week.

The weekend was fairly relaxing, and this outfit was just perfect for the mild weather on Sunday. I found this light jacket on sale at Karen Millen an age ago, and the top is something I whipped up for the Birthday Challenge, though never got to wear as the temperatures plummeted that night. The Birthday Challenge has gone awry with my trip home to Australia in June and all the visitors we’ve had this summer. I am trying to catch up though.

Çe fut encore une semaine très remplie pour moi ici à Paris. Dimanche soir dernier, Manu et moi sommes retournés des Alpes. Le changement de scène et l’air frais nous a fait du bien, même si ce n’a pas été le voyage le plus relax. On est arrivé tard le Dimanche soir, et je me suis réveillée tôt le lundi matin pour faire un test de Français. Je me suis juste inscrite à des cours, donc lundi etait le test de niveau et les cours ont commencé en millieu de semaine. En plus, cette semaine ma cousine et une amie à elle sont venus nous voir pendant trois nuits: très certainement les visiteuses les plus exubérantes jusqu’à maintenant. Je leur ai donc fait visité Paris un petit peu, et nous avons passé pas mal de temps dans des cafés. Les jours prolongés et le manque de sommeil m’ont vraiment fatigué, d’où mon absence sur le blog la semaine dernière.

Le week-end a été assez calme, et cette tenue était parfaite pour les températures douces de ce Dimanche. J’ai trouvé cette veste légère chez Karen Millen il y a quelques années, et le haut, c’est moi qui l’ai fait pour le Birthday Challenge. En revanche je n’avais pas pu le porter pour la soirée du Challenge car il faisait très froid ce soir là. Je suis légèrement passé à coté du Birthday Challenge ces dernier mois, à cause de mon voyage en Australie en juin dernier et à tous nos visiteurs de cet été. J’essaie de rattraper ce retard.

Jacket/Veste – Karen Millen (Old/Ancienne Collection)

Top/Haut – DIY

Jeans/Jean – Sass & Bide

Boots/Bottes – Rudy’s

Bag/Sac – Aridza Bross


~ by fashiondevotion on October 3, 2010.

69 Responses to “Sweet In The Sixteenth”

  1. sounds like you’ve been busy indeed! love the casual ease of this look and how the soft pink jacket drapes.


  2. I am in love with the contrast between the black lace bra and the white tank. Seriously, every time I read your blog I am floored by your beauty and fashion sense. WHEN are you coming to the States to style me?!?

  3. Hi Natasha! I love your style and i put a link of your blog in my love blogs bar! I follow you and I’d love if you follow me too!



  4. love this outfit! so comfy and relaxed!
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! it means a lot for me! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via blogger, bloglovin or facebook!

    xoxo from rome

  5. I love this outfit! The jacket is sooo pretty! (and YAY for Sass & Bide jeans! 🙂 )
    following you now 🙂

  6. Hi

    Très bons looks ! J’aime beaucoup ta veste et celle du billet d’avant !

    j’espère que Paris te plait comme fashion spot !

  7. J’adore Danette aussi 😉
    Ta tenue est top, vraiment t’a un bon style.
    J’ai vu que tu venais d’Australie, alors tu préfère Paris ou l’Australie ?

  8. Great outfit! I really like your jacket!:)


  9. Nice outfit ! I like especially the top and the necklace! Kisses 🙂 Camille


  10. Hello dear, thank you for your lovely comment 🙂
    Nice blog and great outfits, they’re faboulous ! You’re sooo chic

    If you want please check out my vintage blazer giveaway :


  11. J’adore ton style, c’est tellement romantique, chic et épuré.
    Great job!

    Théa Unknown

    PS : Merci pour le com’ 😉

  12. j’aime l’échancrure du top 🙂

  13. amazing shots!And cute outfit:)))
    really nice blog,check out mine http://rayabo.blogspot.com/

  14. absolutely lovely! gourgeus bag 🙂

  15. I love how relaxed this outfit is.

    Love Grace.

  16. love the look!

    xoxo BB

  17. Casual but cute. Love the jacket.

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  18. Such beautiful earrings and necklace Natasha! A nice look

  19. Not actually a fan of this kind of jeans but I’ve to say that you look great! Love both the colors combo and location!

  20. Thx for your sweet comment on ideneoh.blogspot.com 🙂

    I looked around and scrolled back a few months on your blog and I absolutely love your pictures. They’re so stylish and arty .. I wish I had a photographer-friend living with me to take such amazing pics!


  21. I love that top, the back is so cool. Looks really good with the black bra too 🙂 x

  22. I love this

  23. I love the black lace bra!



  24. love, love, love!

  25. Oh, thx so much! I really like this pictures, love your bag! 😉

  26. I really love your top and your bag.

  27. i love the eyelets and the jeans

    Vi from Cali

  28. these pics are so pretty! I Love the jeans rolled up and paired with the boots!! xxx

  29. What an inspirational outfit, casual yet elegant! Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day, it had me discovering your very very sweet blog and now I’ve bookmarked it! Great inspiration, girl!


  30. I am absolutely loving those shoes!! You look amazing.


  31. Wow…really love the look 🙂

  32. Your jeans are to short and baggy – that’s lovely!

  33. Love your style!
    I follow you 🙂


  34. Thank for your comment on my blog! I like your outfit!
    hope to see you soon


  35. I’m in love with your jacket Tarsh. The shirt you made is so beautiful.

  36. thank you for your comment! i like this oufit so much! hope to see you soon! kiss


  37. Your jacket is the most adorable one I´ve seen my whole life!
    really amazing blog!

  38. i love your jacket! it’s so cute…
    thanks for visiting my blog, i’ve become one of your followers.

  39. I’m in love with that jacket. I want one!
    That DIY top looks amazing.

  40. Love your blog so much!
    Just found it ❤
    Your blouse & jacket are amaaaaaazing 🙂

    XO Veronica
    my passion for fashion blog

  41. Such a cute outfit!
    ❤ Nicole Lisa

  42. It’s a great look, relax and cute at the same time.


  43. i love your karen miller jacket! the light shade of pink is so pretty ❤ what an amazing find. thanks for dropping by my blog & all the best with your classes 🙂

  44. I love your llooook!!!!!!!!!! soooo coool! Its sooooo coool! THat pink jacket is stunning and the white eyelet tank underneath is soo precious and girly! Love it!!! you look fabulous as always!!!
    xox Big kisses,
    Beckerman Girls


  45. sexy simple look. 🙂 the baggy jeans is perfect with the white tank

  46. sooooo cute and slouchy! love this look.

  47. . like your outfit, especially your shirt is so cute!!


  48. love the roll up cuff detail with this look!!

  49. Love the perfectly pretty detail in your jacket!

  50. that’s a lovely outfit – looks very cozy!


  51. love this look! the jeans look so comfy and the jacket is perfect!

  52. Congrats for the blog! You truly have a great style, I’m so glad I found it!


  53. Fantastic outfit. i’m completely in love with your blog! its amazing.
    and i LOVE this outfit. so so chic.
    want that lace top too 😉
    hope youre having a great week


  54. following you on bloglovin 😉

  55. GORGEOUS outfit….love everything about it….!!! Im a jewelry freak..so the necklace is a looker for me!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog today!!!

  56. amazing look. i am so jealous that you can do “boyfriend” jeans! the pale colors suit you. also, the alps!? how cool.

  57. Your looks very stylish and hot! i love it:)

    ps. great boots and jeans

  58. Beautiful outfit! I love your boots 🙂

  59. beautiful photos, beautiful girl, beautiful outfit!

    (having an erin wasson ring giveaway on my blog – stop by and enter if you’re interested!) xo

  60. Hey there, I love that top+black lace bra combination! Very sexy!

  61. your top is so sweet! love the details and the cut 🙂

    love always,

  62. Beautiful photos! I really like them!

  63. J’aime beaucoup ce look !
    Très jolie blog en passant 🙂



  64. This look is perfect for day w booties, and with heels for night, love the proportions! you’re gorgeous!


  65. Je decouvre tt juste ton blog. La chance d’etre en France. J’ y serais bientot.

    J’ espere que tu visiteras mon blog.


  66. such great boots, so versatile.

  67. cute outfit!

    thanks for checking out my blog C:

  68. This outfit is so lovely!
    Love how the colors melt perfectly one with another =)

  69. love this outfit.. the jacket is such a pretty color on you. 🙂


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