Casual in Montmartre

Recently Manu and I have have taken to sitting together in cafés on Saturdays. Last week we wandered all over our neighbourhood looking for a place to have breakfast, ending up just around the corner from our apartment. This week we enjoyed lunch near Montmartre. The contrast between Montmartre and our lil part of Paris seems so vast. I hope that one day Manu and I will ba able to live in that part of town. It’s more typical, and quaint, and it would mean I wouldn’t have to cross town to have an array of fabric stores practically on my doorstep.

As for my outfit, this is the perfect way to dress during the transition in the seasons. Sheer sleeves and a light jacket keep me at a comfortable temperature, and these Bettina Liano jeans (which I am currently obsessed with, and still need to be taken up) are such a good fit, I’m wearing them rolled up like here, or long and bunchy around my ankles. I’ll take them up soon, so I can do them their full justice xxx

Recement, Manu et moi avons pris l’habitude de passer nos samedis dans des cafés. La semaine dernière nous avons marché partout dans notre quartier, et finallement pris le petit dejeuner juste à côté de chez nous. Cette semaine nous avons déjeuner à proximité de Montmartre. Le contraste entre Montmartre et notre coin à Paris est assez important. J’espère qu’un jour nous pourrons habiter là-bas. C’est plus typique, mignon et je n’aurais pas traverser tout Paris pour avoir une grande selection de magasins de tissus .

En ce qui concerne ma tenue, c’est la façon parfaite de s’habiller durant le changement de saison. Les manches fines et une veste légère, garde mon corps à une température confortable. En plus, ce jean Bettina Liano (mon obsession actuellement, mais que j’ai toujours besoin de retourner pour le rendre plus court) est vraiment bien coupé. Je le porte “rolled-up” comme ici, et long et “bunchy” autour de mes chevilles. Je vais le retoucher et le rendre plus court bientôt, afin de le mettre vraiment en valeur xxx

Jeans/Jean – Bettina Liano

Blouse/Chemise – Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters)

Shoes/Chaussures & Jacket/Veste – H&M

Bag/Sac – Aridza Bross

Necklace/Collier & Earrings/Boucles d’oreilles – Vintage


~ by fashiondevotion on September 15, 2010.

42 Responses to “Casual in Montmartre”

  1. Love the photos- Montmartre is a fabulous place to cafe. 🙂 The H&M shoes are fierce and I love the hair.

  2. I love the Bettina Liano jeans with the shoes. The earrings are so pretty.

  3. Loving those boots!!!I miss Parisssss so much..

  4. i love your outfit in this post, your hair is adorable!

  5. Oh!!! you love beautiful! and your hair looks amazing… I wish I was in Paris now…

  6. Nice outfit! I really like blouse!

  7. Sounds like the perfect saturday… and we love your twisted fringe 🙂

  8. love love love this look xxx

  9. you look great! so many things going on in your outift and the little booties are just my favoriteeee! i just had a nice afternoon in montmartre today 🙂

    xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new American girl in Paris fan!

  10. I just love what you’ve done with your hair!! I have a blouse that looks like yours…perfect for this time of year…

  11. wow look at you! such a doll!! perfect crazy shoes!! and goregous hair!!

  12. Your hair is insane! I love it.

    Love Grace.

  13. I love this look! your shoes are gourgeus! 🙂

  14. Great photos! More jeans like that, theyr amazing so as your shoes =)

  15. so many things i love about this outfit…the jeans are amazing, your hair!, that jacket and those killer shoes. love it. will def be back!

  16. Très bonne idée pour une tenue de demi saison.
    J’aime particulièrement la blouse.


  17. Wow, you look so cute! I love your top and the shoes you’re wearing.

    Thanks for visiting and comment at SHE! We appreciate it 🙂

  18. Ooh look at your fierce hair! My goodness, I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do that! I really, really want to be in Paris. Like, yesterday. Sitting at a cafe, enjoying my Saturday – ah I die!

  19. super cute booties!

  20. wowow, living in paris! tre jealoussss x

  21. great look! I love the flower on your shirt… listen, what about a new look for a not really old mummy?? I need your help to change! kisses Ele, from L’Aquila

  22. So gorgeous, darling!
    Love the cuffed jeans!


  23. Nice blouse and boots dear! Never find such at my local H & M

  24. I love it sweetheart!!!

  25. I’ve been gaping at these amazing heels while I passed them in my local H&M store, they’re gorgeous.


  26. perfect for fall! and i love your shoes!

    thanks for the visit to my blog! i hope you come again and follow :))

  27. Love the earings

  28. oh, your rolled up jeans and shoes are so perfect!

  29. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment!! You look fab!! LOVE the sheer blouse..and those shoes?? I want them:)

    Have a fabulous day!

  30. Oh, your outfit is fantastic! But what really stood out for me was your quirky hairstyle! Give us a tutorial:)


  31. Hey girl! you are so sweet! thank you for your comments!
    I absolutely love this blouse! In fact, I keep thinking that I almost bought it this past week but I ended up buying a different floral one! Lovely!


  32. I love your photos! You look stuning!

    Check out my blog!

  33. Gorgeous blouse, especially with those shoes. Loving your blog girl!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, keep reading.
    Robbie xox

  34. I love your outfit, especially your shoes and bag! :o)


  35. Ahhh great blog, thanks for commenting on mine otherwise I wouldn’t have found yours! Definitely following from now on 😉

  36. lovelovelove your shoes+hair!xx

  37. Great outfit!

  38. I love your outfit, the blouse is so pretty!

  39. youve got such gorg style!
    my favourite things from this post: the effortlessly chic updo, the beautiful earrings & your make up!
    ill def be popping back!

  40. J’adore ta coiffure ! Bravo !

    Et merci pour ton commentaire 😉

    Bises, Eloïse

  41. (enfait je suis bête je peux parler français^^)
    Moi je trouve que ce sont les petits détails qui font la différence, et dans le cas présent ce sont tes boucles d’oreilles ma belle =)
    Tellement Montmartre!

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