A Friday In May

The weather is amazing, and on Friday it really started to feel like summer is here. I met with Liz near her place. We hit up Zara, checked out the Fashion Against Aids Collection (at H&M), and a few other stores along the way. We grabbed some take-away Starbucks, and took ownership of a park bench so we could make the most of the glorious weather.

After Liz headed back to work, I made my way to Montmartre. I went in search of some fabric to make a skirt, and left empty handed. It’s not that I didn’t find fabrics I liked, quite the contrary, but I didn’t find exactly what I was after. I also became obsessed with a large piece of black leather (way out of my price-range) and decided nothing else would do.

Laura and Di, this one is for you. The cafe we had those amazing salads in, on our funny lil’ get-away to Paris.

I wandered a bit through the streets before getting down to business with my Five on Friday. For those who are new to my blog, Five on Friday is a self-imposed challenge to see what I can buy for €5 or under, and it happens on Friday (though the post often goes up over the weekend). It can be anything which adds to my wardrobe or my look, including fabrics etc. Sometimes I find things and sometimes I don’t.

Not knowing where to go after Montmartre I opted for Les Halles, though having found my Five there last week, I went beyond. I soon found myself on the Rue de Rivoli. I popped into a few stores, and just as I was about to head back to my part of town, I saw this.

That sign in the window advertises jewellery at €5, two items for €8 and three items for €10, with any items above that €2 per item. This place held promise.

There was a good selection, and something for most tastes. The shop assistant told me everything was €5, so I knew I had found a good spot.

I thought these ear-rings were rather cute, and could make a change from the aged-gold, dangly ones I’m currently abusing.

I like the form of these bangles (sold in a set). They were just that little bit different, but still simple.

But it was this necklace that really grabbed my attention. I liked the double chains, and the fullness at the front. At the moment anything that can dress up my basics is fine by me, and this should do the job. It has a good weight to it, which I like.

So I spent €10, but with the promotion, it gave me some extra pieces for small change.

For the rest of the weekend, I have been laying low. I have a cold and have been home alone. The sun coming into the apartment is hot, and just divine. I drew the curtains to not blind myself, and got this lovely light.

I hope you have all had wonderful weekends xxx

Thanks again for your comments, keep them coming!


~ by fashiondevotion on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Friday In May”

  1. oh my that necklace is BEAUTIFUL. and for 5 euros? soo jealous. buy me one. LOL


  2. Love these small shots of the city and of your purchases (btw, love the necklace, so amazing!)



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