The sun has made a glorious return to Paris. It seems strange that only last week I was adding layer upon layer, and this week I am back to single layers, plus a jacket for the morning and evening. I could not be happier. The temperature is just right.

Last week I took this picture near Opera in Paris. I was on an expedition to exchange a birthday gift. This expedition took me to nearly every Sandro store in Paris. Eventually I tracked down what I was after, in a store I had not known about until now. So all together a worth while experience. Besides, there ain’t nothing wrong with looking at the clothing in Sandro. I heart Sandro.

So anyway. I was given this delicious belt for by birthday, and I was so happy that I eventually managed to track down the same belt in my size. I am super excited about the possibilities of this belt and I will share more with you all, soon enough.

I also manage to get hold of the Sandro Look-book for this season. It is such a strong collection, and given an unlimited budget I would own everything in every colour. I picked out a few of my favourite looks to share with you.

Need I say more. I want it all. That bag is even more splendid in person.

This belt too. I haven’t seen it in store yet, but already it’s a case of need it, want it, gotta have it. The romper on the left is very cool in person. Lovin’ the shorts on the right.

Leather fringed jacket. Love it. That fringing continues along the back too. Shirt dress on the right… yes please.


Scarf on the left super nice. Leggings on the right just too good. White blazer=bliss.

~ by fashiondevotion on May 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sandro=Love”

  1. This lookbook is awesome. Everything I would wear! Just bought a fringe bag from H&M similar to this one, except a bit smaller. Never heard of Sandro til now. Love ❤ it!

  2. wow I like this post !!!

    I’m a fashion photographer.

    visit to see my fashion blog.
    I;m going Paris next week to take some street fashion 😀 (now I’m located in Barcelona)

    I wanna talk to you in detail ~

  3. paris looks gorgeous, i wish i could live there!
    the lookbook is great! i love how they styled each look

  4. LOVING the belt
    love your blog, thanks for sharing!
    and thanks for the sweet comments


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