The Go Ahead For Another Year in France

Friday this week was a bit of a stress. The day to renew my Carte de Sejour (residence permit) had arrived, and while modeately confident all would go well, past experiences still nagged at the back of my mind. The whole process is long and drawn out, not to mention expensive and a real thorn in my side… but thems-the-breaks for persons like myself (who do not have a European passport).

For once the whole process went well, and didn’t require sitting around all day waiting for my number to be called. So now that I have to OK to stay on for another year, the only thing left to do is pick up my new card in one months time.

After my appointment, I headed to the Marais to look in shops. This is one part of town in which I haven’t really managed to get my bearings, and after taking the same street a few times, I took myself off to Les Halles. It was early enough that it was busy, but not so busy as to be off-putting. The hunt for Five on Friday was on.

I checked out Bershka, Kookaï, New Look and Camaieu, before I headed to Jennyfer. I actually went to Jennyfer looking for a jacket I saw in a magazine this week. I didn’t find the jacket, but I did find some tees €4.99 for one, €7.99 for two or €9.99 for three. I took two singlets with a twisted racer backs, one in black and one in white. The only other colour was a horrid yellow, so I drew the line at two. Pictures are at the bottom of this post.

I also hit, H&M.

It’s been a while since took a look about there. I stopped going all the time, after not finding a few items I’d been holding out for.

Lucky for me the bikinis they’ve been advertising so fervently here in Paris, have been released. With €4.99 tops and €4.99 bottoms, why not? I picked out this set. I loved the colours, and I thought the print was interesting. It really puts me in the mood for the beach seeing bikinis in-store. The weather is looking to improve this week as well. I wasn’t about to put pictures of myself bikini clad, online, so these pics will have to suffice.

Black and white singlets Jennyfer, Meltin’ Pot Jeans.


~ by fashiondevotion on May 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Go Ahead For Another Year in France”

  1. Lovely blog! J’espere que tu t’amuses bien a Paris, le Marais est un quartier super avec plein de petites boutiques vintage/ designer bien cachees 🙂

    Check out our blog when you get the chance!!

    Margaux from BORO

  2. JEalous…so jealous! Enjoy your time in France!

  3. Then for sure we should meet when I’ll come in Paris!:p To show me from where do you get this amazing clothes!:P

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