Birthday Challenge – Birthday Three

Birthday Challenge, Birthday Three. I almost didn’t make it.

My fabric shopping trip last week was successful. I was looking for something a little different whether it be a colour, or a print. I rarely wear or design with prints, if I do they have to be unique or just stunning.

Les Coupons de Saint Pierre was unlucky for me this time around. It was a battle-zone, elbows flying all-over (women can be ruthless where nice fabrics are concerned) and the off-cuts were a tangled mess. I guess it gets so busy in there as it’s located next to Tissues Reine which is a huge fabric store. I moved on to Sacre Coupons where it was much quieter, and the fabrics were much more neatly organised. It wasn’t long before I happened upon a little miracle, but it took a while before I found a suitable piece for an under-layer.

What I found was an amazing sheer silk with print. For the under-layer I found a light silk the same shade as part of the print. This lighter under-layer also helped to enhance the colours in the print.

I started making my pattern the following day. I built a bodice mounted in calico as a base to attach drapery, and when my under-layer was totally built I was almost sorry I didn’t have enough to make that my dress. I left myself Friday to deal with the drapery and finishing. However, Friday was not my day. As I was working directly with my pretty print (I had nothing that could mimic the drape of the silk to make a prototype/toile), I was reluctant to cut. Scared that I would run out of fabric, and scared it was not perfect. The front was looking good, if nothing like I had envisaged, but the back was not at all working for me. This caused me to make mistakes in the order of my construction, and as night fell, I was stressed and came close to giving up. Before heading to bed, I gave it one last go and it started coming together.

When I went to bed I was still unsure if I could get it to work, and have it finished to wear the next night. Evidently, something in me knew that I could do it, and I woke up very early knowing exactly what to do. I worked like a crazy person, and by lunch time it was done.

Birthday Three is the birthday of my friend JF. JF’s birthday was only days after mine, yet eager to have a big celebration for a big birthday, he put it off until just now. On Saturday his entourage left the hustle of Paris for Limours. JF put on quite the show, he had hired a cozy space, organised lots to eat and drink, lots of music and dancing, and his hospitality extended to booking rooms (all with en-suite bathrooms) for his guests. This was a good thing too. Nobody had to drive afterwards, and there was an awesome brunch the next day later (we didn’t stop dancing until 5:30am). Sunday was hard. Everyone was tired, but it was so nice to sit in the company of friends, enjoy the good food, and not have to rush off anywhere.

Photo Cred

Rookie mistake – I forgot to charge my camera and have no pictures of the lovely setting and party itself. I borrowed this picture to show you all how charming the venue was.

Self-made draped silk dress, Bonds Micro-fibre Tights, Vintage Necklace, Asos Heels and Glass Ring made by my Mum.

I’m not sure that my pictures, or my dress for that matter, do the print justice. I’d be so tempted to buy another piece (if I can find one), and exploit it more effectively. The straps and waistband are made with plaited strips of the printed silk. The ring I am wearing was a gift from my Mum for my birthday. It was a perfect colour match with the brown in the fabric.



~ by fashiondevotion on May 11, 2010.

9 Responses to “Birthday Challenge – Birthday Three”

  1. Lovely dress !!!!! 😉 love your blog !
    come by mine if you have time !

  2. Beautiful Tarsh. The print is stunning.

  3. “Magnifique” for my Bday… as always



  4. LOVE the dress
    so beautiful, dark but ethereal
    love it!
    thanks for sharing as always
    and i appreciate the sweet comments, means the world!


  5. I love your shoes and the dress is beautiful!

  6. Hey Doll!! I love this dress!! You need to make me one 😉 One day!!

    The shoes looks perfect with this outfit, I just love it!

    What a cute little venue…it sounds like so much fun 🙂


  7. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u’ll be one of my followers:-)

  8. love your dress
    you are so beautiful ^__^


  9. I LOVE the dress you are so talented, keep it up!! x

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