Birthday Challenge – Birthday Two

So here we are at Birthday Two for my Birthday Challenge, and this birthday just happened to be my own.

I set aside a good portion of last week to get the drafting, prototype and sewing done in preparation for my party on Saturday night. I was so happy with the fabrics I purchaed the week before. The feel of them both is lovely, especially the 100% silk which floats, drapes and feels like a dream. It also handled really well for such light fabric.

I had already marked out my dress-form before shopping for fabric, and was able to get straight on with the draping, and making the prototype for the bodice at the start of the week. I felt like there were one hundred pieces, and it was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to put together. It was also very hard to fit myself, but I had only minor adjustments to make the first time around, and the second fitting was practically perfect.

For the lower section which was essentially a french knicker, I adapted an A-line skirt pattern and inserted a long crotch extension. I made the knickers with two layers instead of inserting a lining. The over-layer was a secondary adjustment to the pattern I made for the under-layer, just shorter at the sides and with a wider leg opening.

The week of sunshine that befell us last week meant I escaped for long, outdoor lunches with Liz almost everyday, and subsequently Friday was spent indoors chained to my sewing machine. So, no Five on Friday… again.

I worked well into the night Friday ,and woke up early Saturday to finish. My lack of sleep shows a bit in the photos, but I was wide awake for the party thanks to Nespresso. The rest of Saturday was spent tidying away my sewing mess, slaving away in the kitchen making desserts and trying to squeeze ludicrous amounts of food and drink into our bar sized fridge. The Frog did the running around for supplies. Lifesaver!

We treated our guests to the first BBQ of the year. The evening was very mild, temperature wise, and so we all remained outdoors for the most part. We picnic-ed on our faux grass, sipped wine and gorged ourselves on the desserts I’d spent my day making. I was also spoilt by our guests, although I was not allowed to open any gifts until midnight when it officially became my birthday.

Self-made silk romper-suit, vintage necklaces, Mim ear-rings and bracelets, Calvin Klein watch, Bonds Microfibre tights and Asos heels.

Sunday was spent on the phone to my family at home, and I did manage to speak to almost everyone. The Frog spaced his gift giving so that it lasted until late into the evening, and spoilt me with all the right things. What a man!!! I will reveal all soon.

On Monday, Liz had planned a day of fun, beginning with a pedicure at Fish Spa, where little fishies eat the dead skin off your feet. Bizarre, but very cool at the same time. My feet felt so soft afterwards. We shopped, we had coffee and had a very pleasent day. I feel so pampered and lucky.

I’m so happy with this outfit. It made me feel very pretty, and it was much more comfortable than I had imagined. The only problem with the romper-suit, is that I need help to lace-up the back. I’m going to find a way to remedy this very soon. I’m thinking hat elastic (to replace the lacing) could be a good option.

Birthday Three is today, but the party is not for a few weeks, so I have time to work on an outfit. Happy Birthday JF!!!


~ by fashiondevotion on April 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Birthday Challenge – Birthday Two”

  1. I love it Tarsh. Such amazing detail.

  2. very very nice… the fabric and the colour..
    I only would have used different kind of shoes and collant…
    Maybe gold shoes and coloured collant not black..
    But I’m not a stylist!!
    And you were really pretty!!

  3. Wow! Amazing dress! Congratulations!! You are really talented!

  4. Congrats!!! You look gorgeous!!
    Love your blog!.


  5. Wow, you’re talented!
    xoxo from Sweden

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