A Seriously Delayed Five on Friday

I just had to pinch myself… It’s Wednesday already? With the divine weather we’ve been experiencing recently, I almost feel like I am on holidays. I don’t notice the time, and it’s late before I even realise I haven’t thought about dinner. The whole schedule is a bit out of whack. I guess this is how I got to Wednesday (probably Thursday by the time I finish writing this) with out having posted Five on Friday.

Liz joined me for Five on Friday (Friday just gone). We headed to Montmartre in my attempt to kill two birds with one stone. I wanted to get fabric for Birthday Challenge, Birthday Two. We headed straight for La Place Saint-Pierre, where there is a cluster of fabric stores. Amongst these stores are some off-cut stores (coupons) which are great for those on a budget. There is a huge selection (though you do have to dig), but there are great quality fabrics at a fraction of the price (per metre) than found in the regular fabric stores. The downside is that all the pieces are pre-cut, and in general, three metres long, so only a saving if you need that much material.

I have my two faves, and so we hit up Sacre Coupons first. Almost straight away I layed my hands on what I had in my head, but a badly placed mark, and a fabric anomaly kept me looking for another piece. Once certain that it was not to be, we pushed on to Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre. Here I immediately layed my hands on what I was after. It can only be described as a light-weight, silk, satin in a butter-cream colour. It was love at first sight. Then while looking for cotton in a similar colour I found a silk/cotton mix in almost exactly the same colour. Normally my fabric shopping trips last much longer, so this was most unusual. A trip to my favourite haberdashery store in the area Moline (my favourite because the people here are friendly, and there is a good selection) for threads and zippers (so expensive in this country) and we were done.

On our way to coffee, we stopped in a few stores looking for a Five on Friday. There is an abundance of cheap stuff in this part of town, but not all the stores will accept card payment for €5.

We took coffee where this was the view.

Taking advantage of the mild weather we walked back to Liz’s part of town. Here we checked out Camaieu where I did find a funky ring for €4.99, but decided against it when I saw the queue to pay. I looked in a bunch of stores near the Passage du Havre, with no success. So I headed for home… on foot. This is one of my favourite things to do when the weather is co-operative and I have some time on my hands. I took roads which I never take, which makes the journey more interesting, and kept my eyes peeled for bargains.

A few of the sights on the walk home.

As it turned out I covered a large distance (close to 8km), but found few stores which held promise. I did find a great store for shoes on a street not too far from home.

Since I pretty much zig-zagged my way from north to south, without much luck. I took it as a sign to look elsewhere. The UK. I decided it was time for an internet find, and so I looked at a few sites before settling on a bangle from Asos. Since the bangle itself was €5 (in the clearance section), to eliminate the cost of postage I purchased a top along side. It was inexpensive, and the delivery is a flat rate. The bangle will be perfect wih my outfit for the birthday challenge on Saturday. The only thing is I postponed placing the order as most deliveries are being delayed by the volcanic ash anyway. I’m still waiting, and hoping it will arrive on time for the party on Saturday night.


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One Response to “A Seriously Delayed Five on Friday”

  1. I love the pictures. I miss Montmartre. Can’t wait to see pictures of your birthday challenge.

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