What is worth standing in-line for two hours?

So what is worth standing in a queue in the cold for two hours?

The Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition at the Petit Palais here in Paris.

I met with Liz yesterday to check out this awesome exhibition. She had guarded a spot for us in-line, since I was late (outfit crisis). A word of advice is to get there really early, or to pre-book your tickets. The pre-booked queue progressed faster than ours.

Once inside we enjoyed video footage or YSL’s last collection at the entrance of the exhibit, then we moved into the world of the early days of this great designer, filtering through to his later works towards the exit. I examined as closely as possible every single garment, watched all the video footage (all in French, but not so much of a problem) and left feeling inspired.

We took about two hours to look at everything, and take in as much as we could. I could have easily stayed longer. I didn’t really have a favourite piece, but I was able to appreciate the range, volume and quality of the work. It was mentioned that he produced 15,000 couture pieces between 1962 and 2002. There was some very impressive bead work on some Van Gogh inspried jackets, beautiful tailoring, and information on his creative relationships with the likes of Catherine Deneuve.

I particularly enjoyed the more biographical information, having not studied his life and works in too much detail before this. He was just one of those über talented people who embraced his gift early on, and was rewarded with fantastic opportunities early in his career.

In some video footage we were able to see Yves Saint Laurent in-the-zone, sketching his designs as they came to him. This is what has really stood in my mind since yesterday. The speed and accuracy with which he could produce his sketches had me mesmerised. Other video footage also described his “absolute eye”, and that he was known for restarting entire pieces for the sake of a millimetre. True couture.

I wish I could have taken photos inside, but the museum staff were on the ball, and I dare say they would have had me deleting pictures as fast as I could take them.

So if your passing through Paris take a look at the exhibit. It was €11 for entry, and you have the option to take an audio guide for an additional fee. I chose not to as it distracts me from the details.

It was my first visit to the Petit Palais, and the courtyard is so pretty.


~ by fashiondevotion on April 15, 2010.

One Response to “What is worth standing in-line for two hours?”

  1. Heh, it was absolutely gorgeous, huh? I vote we go back again at some point! Next up, V&A for the Princess Grace exhibit!

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