Sunny Friday

After weeks of not finding something suitable for Five on Friday, to say I went out with renewed determination yesterday would be an understatement.

I met up with Liz, who lucky for me is very supportive of this blog, my quest for Five, and doesn’t complain at all as I drag her all over Paris. With the sun out and shining we commenced our day at Starbucks. We actually chose to sit outside, while Liz enjoyed a late breakfast. It was just warm enough to sit there with just my Country Road trench coat over a jersey dress. Bliss.

I was eager to try looking in some new areas for Five on Friday, so even though we started not far from our usual shopping zone (les grandes magasins) we changed course and made for the stores around Gare Saint-Lazare. Here we discovered €5 was perhaps not enough to buy anything particularly nice, but €10 or €15  was quite suffiencient for colourful maxi dresses, and some summer fun.

Upon taking Rue d’Amsterdam (my sources tell me there are some very cheap stores in this area) we stumbled upon this brocante (antiques market). I love rummaging in markets, especially where antiques and vintage clothing are involved. Things were a bit pricey here, but it was fun just wandering through.

We continued up Rue d’Amsterdam, popping into many a store advertising shoes at €5, and rest assured I was close to a purchase here. We also found a store selling of basics from the likes of Mexx and Petit Bateau, all within the price range. I very nearly left with a white cotton tee by Petit Bateau. We crossed over to Rue de Clichy, finding less stores here, but one that had a cute cropped faux leopard fur jacket at €15, which was sadly too big, and the closure on the front would have needed replacing (too plastic).

My hopes lifted as we entered shops behind Galleries Lafayette and Printemps, but I still left empty handed. We continued to H&M, as I wanted to see the latest releases from the Garden Collection. I have been holding out for two items which I have not yet seen in store. At H&M there were some promotions. The items I was hoping to find were no where to be seen, but I found a pretty magenta dress perfect for the increasing temperatures reduced from €29.95 to €10. Yes please! Downstairs in the store I found more promotions, and I chanced upon something that I liked. Price tag €5. I liked it better after I tried it on, and while designed to be a dress, I’m sure I can layer this baby over jeans or trousers. I went for the boldest of the colours on offer.

With the weather as lovely as it was yesterday the sight of people enjoying lunch or coffee or a glass of wine outdoors was uplifting. And with a Five on Friday already in the hand, I felt I could relax a bit.

Liz and I headed back to Starbucks, and while the terrasse was now full, we took some takeaway bevies, and sat in an obliging park. More bliss.

We sat and chatted for a long time, before we decided to move on and look in the English book section of Fnac. I didn’t even realise there was an Englsh section in this store… good to know. Deciding we were thirsty again, we took some sparkling elderflower, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the park.

With light, and sun, and warmth (like that) for the first time in months, it seemed a bit of a waste to spend it cruising the shops.

This is my Five on Friday for this week. This cotton, striped dress from H&M. The red on it is bright, but with the sun out in force, some colour does the world of good. This dress can be worn alone, or with tights and ballet flats as I have here (not seen).

It can be worn belted.

But perhaps not belted in black. Had this been a big buckle belt it would be too Santa Claus.

I could add some denim, by way of my Sass and Bide jacket (above). Or as I mentioned earlier, over jeans.

Or I could Burberry it up. Which is essentially what I had in mind when I chose the red dress. I adore this Burberry Jacket (above), but it’s not been worn much since I got it in November (it’s not the warmest of jackets). I think it works well, and I am so excited to have something to wear it with.

Happy weekend everyone! The sunshine is continuing for us here in Paris, I hope the sun is shining wherever you are xxx


~ by fashiondevotion on April 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sunny Friday”

  1. just came across your blog 🙂 way cool!

  2. Oh. Em. Gee. I LOVE the jackets – at first it was the denim and I was like, “OOooh!” then I had the same reaction with every one after. *sigh* I just love your fashion 🙂

  3. I love how it looks with the Burberry jacket – very chic.

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