A Week of Contrast

It certainly has been a week of contrast. Last weekend was a much needed getaway to the Alps. We were able to recharge our batteries, spend time with the family, and  hit the slopes.

Friday afternoon we made the most of the facilities at the Centre Sportif. We paddled in the heated pool, relaxed in the jacuzzi, sweated it out in the sauna and steamed ourselves in the hammam. After which, we had mulled wine in an obliging cafe. Hard work, but someone has got to do it.

For the most part, our weekend looked like the pictures below. Grey, white, snowy and cold. We skiied on the Saturday, and snowboared on the Sunday. Both of which we did with poor visibility, but which we enjoyed none the less.

On Monday as we packed our bags and made for the train back to Paris, the sky looked like this.

It was torture. We even considered trying to change our tickets, but to no avail.

So we headed back to the city. To the noisy streets, and the bustle of the people. It was such a shock to the system. That and I returned to Paris with a cold… ah-choo!

Over the corse of the week, my cold worsened, and then like magic it cleared up! The contrast from one day to the next was unbelieveable.

On Friday afternoon I got down to business looking for a Five on Friday. I decided not to stray too far from home, but to avoid my usual haunts. So part way down my street, I hung a right and wandered along a fairly commercial street. Sadly, most of the stores here were home deco, or quite pricey boutiques.

Feeling a change of scene was in order, I hung a left, spotting some inexpensive looking stores, but no luck. I took another left, and found myself in a part of Paris I’ve never been too. I love when my walking takes me to new places. I found a store called Cache-Cache, which had some big promotions, though I found nothing which really appealed to me. I also found a store with everything priced at €10.

At one point I looked up, and saw the Eiffel Tower at the end of the street. It was a good way to get my bearings. I eventually hit Rue du Commerce, and so I nipped into H&M, Zara and Pimkie. In Zara I did find a T-shirt for €4.95, but nothing exciting enough to entice me to buy it. I was just excited something at Zara fell within the price range.

I walked down Avenue Emile Zola, with no luck, so I made for Mistigriff on Rue Saint Charles. I often pass by Mistigriff with the Frog. It’s a bit of a joke with us, that they advertise big brands, but that the appearance  doesn’t line up. I ventured inside, and was surprised to see a few lables that I quite like, such as Lauren Vidal, and Cop Copine. Nothing here was in the price range, but I was glad I finally took a look about. I continued along Rue Saint Charles, heading for home. I’d been walking for two hours by this point. I’d thought to pay a visit to Mias which has been lucky for me on previous Fridays, but when I finally arrived, the store was closed (permanantly by the looks of it).

Not far from home the rain that had been threatening all afternoon, finally rained down on me, I took shelter our local supermarket, and picked up some things for Friday night.

After off-loading the groceries, I headed for Old Faithful (the bargain store on out street), but nothing was in the price range this week, and with only fifteen minutes until shops closed for the night, I admitted defeat. The contrast was that Friday last week, after relaxing in the Alps (without even looking) I found bracelets in one of the resort gift shops. The only reson I didn’t buy one was that I’d just spent my money on the entry to the Centre Sportif.

Next week I’m going to have to hard after a Five on Friday.


~ by fashiondevotion on April 3, 2010.

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