Even Better

I got around to thinking recently about how much I enjoy living in Paris. It is a beautiful city, full of history, small enough to get about easily and it’s a fashion hot spot. Like any town it has it’s down sides, but over all, it is one of the towns I am most suited to.

Paris is expensive, and can be loud (summer nights can be arduous for the Frog and I as our apartment is on a busy intersection). Apartments are small, and rents are high. Public transport is efficient, but crowded. Shopping is fantastic (I have barely touched on it, but as this blog evolves, and as my capacity to spend increases I hope to explore more deeply the many enticing boutiques and designer brands). And it’s one of the most fashionable places on this earth, but not a place you want to feel unfashionable.

So in this city that I love so much, I have felt there has been something missing in my shopping experience, and that would be Topshop. J’adore Topshop. This British fashion goldmine was a regular part of my shopping experience while I lived in the UK. I regularly peruse the site, make mental wish-lists and dream of ordering online to my hearts content. While the cost of postage from the UK to Paris is not huge, I’m always reluctant in the event of buying the wrong size, or if something should be faulty. So in an attempt to cheer myself up, I googled ‘Topshop Paris’, thinking it was a next to impossible dream, however, when the results filtered through, a smile came across my face. Rumour has it, there are plans for a Topshop in this fair city, and better still there are rumours it will be opening this year. Halleujah! If the rumours are true, then this city just out did itself. I may have to camp out the night before the store opens… whenever that may be.

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Topshop while years ago was much more affordable, has just continued to improve, justifying the higher prices. They now have an even bigger, better range, with more and more celebrity designer collections. Some items are still not that expensive, but I think that even the higher priced items are a fraction of the of many similar products on the market. So there is really something for everyone. The quality is also fantastic. Many of the garments I purchased when I first moved to the UK are still going strong, and showing little sign of wear and tear. Not to mention Topshop is always up with the latest styles, with many sought after items. They get it right, and set trends.

So I will wait patiently for Topshop Paris to open it’s doors… and in the meantime, I will save my pennies, so I can celebrate the opening the way the Fashion Gods intended… with a shopping spree!


~ by fashiondevotion on March 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Even Better”

  1. I swear the only (OK maybe not the only, but..) reason I want to visit the UK is to go to a Top Shop! I always see their items in magazine and hear/read celebrities talking about the store and I am SO jealous we don’t have one here.

    I would TOTALLY camp out if I had the opportunity.

    • I miss Topshop, and the store on Oxford Street really must be seen.

      When I go to the UK, I go to see all the people I love there, but I also make the most of Topshop, and a few many other stores of note 😉

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