Birthday Challenge – Birthday One

What is The Birthday Challenge? Well, it is a promise I made one night at a party (fueled by champagne), that for all the birthdays in our close circle of friends, I would wear something that I had made. I’ve decided that they should also be items made especially for the occasions.

What this leaves me with, is seven garments to make this year.

Birthday number one has already taken place. The dinner was Saturday night, and was held at our regular restaurant.

Since it was a party involving a sit-down meal I aimed at something that could conceal a ‘food baby’. And as the weather has been warming up, but the nights still fairly cold, I went for some heavier fabric, but with a sleeveless design.

I didn’t leave myself with a lot of time to get the job done, but I devoted Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning to the task (and took a break to see Yeasayer in concert Friday night). I’m quite happy with the result. It’s not the most spectacular creation I’ve produced, but it suited the occasion, and is something that I will get a lot of use from.

I used fabric from my stock-pile. It’s a cotton-blend, in a dark-grey (surprise, surprise), but it’s beautifully textured and holds it’s shape. I used a metallic zipper which I bought with Liz at her local haberdashery store (it was on sale, and while technically a jacket zip, was the perfect size, and adds a modern touch). The dress has a kind-of racer back, but with a more geometric cut-away around the armhole. I was looking for a sixties feel to the design, and so I made very little waist shaping, and kept the length fairly short.

Birthdays two and three are towards the end of April, only a few days apart. And will be documented as part of the challenge.

Self-made dress, Repetto ballet flats and bonds micro-fibre tights.

Which I wore with a fish-bone plait.


~ by fashiondevotion on March 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Birthday Challenge – Birthday One”

  1. gorgeous, i’d buy it!

  2. I love the texture on that dress!

  3. thts a really pretty dress. love the detail

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