Garden Collection

I’m a bit behind on posting at the moment.

First of all I have no Five on Friday, for the week just gone. I did take a bit of a look around some stock stores on Friday morning, but nothing really jumped out at me (and not a lot was €5 or under). I took time to look in Kookaï Stock, and Et Vous Stock.

Et Vous Stock was full of good basics and a few more interesting items, but they had nothing for €5. They had shoes and other accessories which I hardly looked at, so I will definitely go again.

Kookaï Stock was different. It’s quite a large store with one half showcasing the current season, while the other half was sale and sample stock. I spent a bit of time rummaging through the remnants of their winter sale, but to no avail. I almost purchased, what I thought was a silk skirt, but it turned out to be a top, and it lost all it’s appeal.

I’m not too bothered by the fact I didn’t manage to find a Five. Mostly because I allowed myself to buy one or two items at H&M the day before. In thumbing through a copy of Glamour last week, I found a few pages for a new collection at H&M. The Garden Collection. In looking on the H&M website, I discovered it was a new collection to be released Thursday the 18th March. I was so excited to be free (and in town) for the release.

The Garden Collection is a new range which takes in to consideration our environment. The fabrics are either organic cottons and linens, or recycled. All sustainable materials. The collection is very colourful, feminine and I for one, am very excited. I won’t go on, but here is a video which offers a good portion of the information.

So Wednesday night I set my alarm, and was out and about early on Thursday. I didn’t queue outside the store or anything, but I was there within the first hour of opening. The first H&M I visited had not yet put out their stock, so I walked to another store nearby. There were less items than I thought there would be, but I assume they will release a few each week throughout the season.

Liz joined me for an impromptu coffee in a nearby Starbucks, and afterwards introduced me to a fabric and haberdashery store in her part of town. It’s nice to know there is somewhere closer to home when I’m pressed for time. It’s the largest selection I have seen outside of Montmartre. They also had a very decent range of trimmings.

Once Liz retreated back to work, I headed home, getting off the metro a few stops early to call past my local H&M (the local is smaller, which is why I didn’t just go there first). The store was fairly quiet so I took my time, and had a good look about. I treated myself to a pair of tencel shorts and a pretty singlet from The Garden Collection. I will post more photos soon, but here is a sneak peek.


~ by fashiondevotion on March 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Garden Collection”

  1. i was going to get this top the other day, it’s so pretty, but somehow persuaded myself out of it due to lack of funds!

  2. H&M is without a doubt, my go to store. I am so psyched that they have a sustainable line, this is just SO cool. I can’t wait to see you rockin’ it out in more pics!!!

  3. The Garden Collection sounds really cool and way innovative. I wish we had H&M here!

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