Stock in the 14th

As promised, here is my email about the 14th arrondissement of Paris, and some of the things it has to offer.

Last week I had been flicking through my copy of Paris Pas Cher, when I stumbled upon a few pages mentioning outlet stores. I know there are some good areas for outlets outside of Paris such as La Vallée Village (relatively well known, which I have not checked out yet, but do look forward to).

It appeared, according to these pages, that there was a cluster of outlets in the 14th arrondissement. In fact, Rue d’Alésia and Avenue du Général Leclerc not only intersect one another, but both are dotted with outlets. The outlet that most piqued my interest, was the Maje outlet (even if reviews were less than glowing I was eager to see for myself, as I love the brand so much).

Liz and I arranged to meet there, and while waiting for her at the metro, I thought I had made a mistake. I had the address clearly jotted down, 44, Avenue du Général Leclerc, and yet there was no store front bearing the name Maje. A nameless store was located next to a door which had the correct address above it, and so I decided to take a look. Seriously, this store has no window, it has a roller-door (like a garage). The store had some random brands, and a slew of American Retro. A narrow corridor (with clothing rails lining the wall), had a few pairs of Maje trousers. This was it? Continuing down the corridor (turns out there was another room leading off the one connecting to the corridor), is where the bulk of the Maje stuff was hidden. There were a few decent items, but prices were still quite high considering they were seasons old. Most of the items were damaged in some way (some really beyond repair) but still carrying pretty hefty price tags. Paris Pas Cher did warn that it would be like this, but I was being optimistic. I will still check it out from time-to-time.

Next we tried out Derby Stock (not listed in Paris Pas Cher), also on Avenue du Général Leclerc. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but Liz was, and there were one or two items which I quite liked. The bulk aren’t really my style, but if you’re after some colour for your wardrobe then this is a good stop.

Stock Sinequanone and Dorotennis Stock share the same address 74, Rue D’Alésia. Stock Sinequanone has a few nice items. Liz had some luck here. Dorotennis is more activewear. They had some ski items, and tees, and terry-towelling tracksuits. I’ll quite possibly go back when I’m in need of comfy around-the-house gear.

GR Stock at 100, Rue D’Alésia was a bit more expensive and a style a more mature than my taste. Certainly, one or two interesting items, and quite possibly somewhere to check-out for professional/job interview wear. We also uncovered Rudy’s Stock, and several others. In each of these stores some digging and sorting is in order, but with some effort, there are bargains to be found.

The 14th is also home to the landmark The Catacombes of Paris. They were closed for maintenance last year, when I planned on visiting them with my cousin, but the Frog and I finally got around to seeing them on Saturday. It was certainly interesting, but chilling. The Catacombes are home to thousands of skeletons, who have been moved from their original resting places, so their burial plots can be “recycled”. There are whole cemetaries that have been moved to this underground maze. Inside the bones and skulls are arranged somewhat decoratively, which is bizarre in itself, but amazing that people took the time to do this. I’ve included some photos, not of the bones out of respect.

It’s strange to think that this is beneath the streets of Paris.


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  1. Wow! I had no idea. I think I will check that out next time I am in Paris. 🙂

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