This week is flying by, and I feel so absent on the blogging front… and not for lack of things to blog about.

On Tuesday I met Liz for a spot of swooning (over lovely things in the Grandes Magasins), and coffee. Firstly, we hit up Diptyque, in Galleries Lafayette. Liz is a big fan of their fragrances (and I must admit everything smelt pretty, darn good). We made rounds around the clothing stands. Maje and Sandro standing out as always for me. So many lovely things have been added to my wish-list.

I tried on a mountain of jeans at the Diesel stand, as was served by one of the friendliest sales persons I have come across in this town. It was so refreshing. I felt bad though, since I was only trying sizes and styles to make better internet purchases. After a tour around the cosmetics floor it was time for a break, and Liz thought it might be nice to try out Cafe Oz. Unfortunately, we were too early. We will go another day. So, comme d’habitude, we chilled in Starbucks.

In this part of Paris (around the Grandes Boulevards) we took the opportunity to walk through a Passage or two. There are several in the area, and I think they are charming. Not to mention, with blue skies over-head, the light coming through the glass ceilings is splendid! Many are filled with antique stores, second-hand book shops and yummy sweet stores.

Liz and I moved on to Printemps and tried on nearly every pair of sunglasses we could lay our hands on. I tried on a pair of Chanel‘s that made me feel like a million bucks. Seriously, they just made me look like I should be stepping out of a limo. We went to heaven the shoe floor and patted the Dior‘s, and the Gucci‘s. But neither of us was prepared for what was hanging in Balenciaga. Not only is my the leather jacket there in a gorgeous, khaki colour, but there was the most delicious, little black dress, with a ruffled-zipper-detailed skirt. I was instantly in-love. Liz was equally spell-bound and we probably left a trail of drool behind us, when we finally managed to drag ourselves away.

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~ by fashiondevotion on March 11, 2010.

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