Live Studio Audience

Last week while sipping on a soy chai, American Gal and I were approached by a lady working for a television station here in Paris. She was searching for people to be part of a studio audience for a day-time TV show. I thought it sounded like a good opportunity to experience something new, and so we both signed up. At the last minute American Gal couldn’t make it, and so I braved it alone.

It was an interesting way to pass a few hours. I understood most of what was going on, even if I couldn’t hear everything (there is no play-back when it’s live). The hardest part is not moving too much, and not looking at the screens provided when we should be looking at the personalities.

For my close-up background attire, I was told to avoid black and white, and patterns. They recommended a coloured top, nothing was really outlined for the bottom half (as it’s not really seen). So I dipped into my Vintage. I figured this teal green knit was a great option. The shape is so simple, and the side sections look divine with the light shining through (not really necessary for my TV appearance, but will be great in summer, not to mention the aeration). I kept the whole look very low-key.

One on the personalities on the show talks about the latest trends, and she looked fantastic. I often caught myself staring longingly at her shoes and jacket.

Vintage knit top, H&M shorts, Diva Ear-rings, Woven belt bought in a market in the South of France, (not seen Bonds Microfibre Tights and Maje boots.)

I didn’t manage to capture the light that well here, and please excuse the somewhat bendy arm positions (I was trying to display the top as best as I could).

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~ by fashiondevotion on February 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Live Studio Audience”

  1. You look fabulous. 🙂 The top looks phenomenal. Bet it looks even better on camera!

  2. great experience! you’re lucky..

  3. beautiful jumper!
    come and read me! =)

  4. The color of the sweater is beautiful!

  5. I love your top and the color of it!

  6. Love the vintage top. I hope I have the same luck when I go vintage shopping next week.

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