Shades of White

I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Where did the week go?

The weather has become milder, and I don’t mind at all. I even had a brief moment when the sun warmed my back early in the afternoon. It was divine!

I thought for this weeks Five on Friday I would keep going with the Vintage Vibe. I had such a good time on Wednesday, I thought I’d keep that going. My list of Vintage stores only covered one area in Paris, and so I decided to switch things up. I’d heard good things about Wochdom in the 9th, and so jumped aboard the metro and made my way to Pigalle.

With the street numbering system being not as straight-forward as it was designed to be, I walked up and down Rue Condorcet, a few times, before realising it wasn’t there anymore. Not knowing where else to go (in the vicinity), and feeling a bit disappointed, I decided to make the most of the area, and headed for the fabric stores in the Marché Saint Pierre. Just before arriving in the the Marché, I spotted another Vintage store. By Flowers, at 85, Rue Martyrs in the 18th, has a very good selection, at reasonable prices. For my €5 budget there wasn’t much choice, but it is worth a good shuffle through. Most items start at about €15.

Visting the fabrics stores was an uplifting experience. Summer fabrics are filtering into the fabrics stores, and it is inspiring! Summer is on the way!

While in the area I also visited the Etam outlet, but was not very lucky here either. I decided to shift zones, and took the metro back to the Marais.

The metro trip itself was uneventful, but there was a big fight as I was getting off. I was almost collected by the guys. It was a bit freaky, and most people got off the train to watch. I decided to take the other exit after that.

I headed straight back to Fripes Star. It was much more crowded (than Wednesday), and I would have loved for American Gal to be there too. Incidentally, American Gal has started back on her blog you can check it out here. I flipped through stuff on the racks, and then headed for the bargain bins at the back.

Ah! €1 bliss. Digging is absolutely required, but well worth the effort. It wasn’t long before I found a gorgeously simple peasant top, and held onto it for dear life! It is pictured in the last three photos.

I unearthed a silver shrug, perfect for covering the shoulders in summer.

A chinese dress, to small for me but worth the €1 investment for the pretty fabric.

A hand-made, and hand-embroidered shirt. The lace on this is lovely, and the embroidered monogram is a nice reminder that this item (and other vintage items) already have a history.

And another had made shirt, also with lovely lace, and collar.

I could have stopped at this peasant top. It was the first item I found, but I’m glad I kept going.

Vintage Peasant top, Meltin’Pot jeans.

Most of these items need some alterations, but they are minor. And the best part is they all cost only €1 each. €5, five items. It feels good to be getting ready for summer.


~ by fashiondevotion on February 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Shades of White”

  1. I love all those white shirts!
    What a bargain 🙂

    Stace x

  2. Oh that lace shirt is gorgeous! That definitely makes me excited for summer – nothing better than wearing white.

    I also love that you purchase vintage, especially the monogrammed piece. I think it’s so interesting to look at that and wonder just who wore it and what adventures they had in it. That would make a great book!

    Happy weekend! xoxo

  3. oh wow. all is so beautiful. i love!

    come visit!

  4. […] Five on Friday. Strangely enough, Friday, started much like the previous Friday. I met Liz near her place for coffee, hit-up one or two stores, and headed up to Montmartre. Funnily enough, in the space of a week, the fabric stores had completely changed. Gone were the huge quantities of leather, they were replaced by cottons, in assorted colours, prints and textures. My aim in heading back again so soon, had not been to buy fabric but to buy ribbon, so I could finally make adjustments to a few vintage items bought in this post. […]

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