Vintage Craving

I am 100% craving Vintage. I know I’ve mentioned (many times now) just how bored I am with winter, and how I can’t wait for Mother Nature to turn up the heat, but it’s true. At this point in the season am I eager for some warmth, but I am also keen for some variety. It’s time for some change, some colour and some fun. Probably why the old Vintage cravings have picked-up.

I’ve been a Vintage fan for so long, that the draught in my Vintage shopping expeditions is taking it’s toll. The wardrobe has dried up, and needs the nutrients only a touch of vintage can offer.

Vintage shopping is a hobby I shared with my Mum. We used to hit up the Vintage stores on Saturdays. Mum is incredible. She noses out the best stuff. I’ve had my share of awesome finds too, but my best expeditions have been with her (two sets of eyes are better than one if you get the gist).

In the international moving that has been my life for the past seven years, I’ve lost a lot of clothing, in a lot different ways. Unauthorised borrowing, incompetent shipping companies, packing issues, and having to condense my clothes still in Oz. Whichever the way, I’ve had to voluntarily or involuntarily say good-bye to some beautiful pieces. So hard.

Anywho, tomorrow is The Day. I have a planned Vintage Shopping Trip with American Gal, and I am so excited. It’s like the night before Christmas. I’ve been getting the low-down on the top spots to check-out, and have been mentally preparing myself for the crush. The crush being these stores are normally full to the brim with stock, packed with shoppers and difficult to manoeuver in.

Team Étranger (foreigner) will be a team to be reckoned with, and we WILL be successful. The Team approach is Key to having any real chance of standing ground and attaining clear access to clothing racks.

Stay tuned for the results, and my picks for best Vintage stores.

~ by fashiondevotion on February 16, 2010.

One Response to “Vintage Craving”

  1. oh my! that sounds heavenly! hope it goes as well as you planned, although i’m sure vintage shopping in Paris would be hard to get wrong!

    come visit me!

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