Bizarre Parallel Universe

A few days on from the news of Alexander McQueen‘s death, and I am still reeling. It feels like some bizarre, parallel universe, a bad dream from which I might wake-up.

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As for Five on Friday, I wasn’t really in the mood this week. I did devote a few hours to it late on Friday afternoon, after a run, and tidying up some business. I just wasn’t that lucky this week. I did find things that fit within the budget, but they didn’t exactly fit with the secondary criteria (that it must compliment my new look). Given, I only had a few hours to go looking, I went local. H&M close-by is getting a re-fit, and the queues for the cashier and fitting rooms were miles long. Mias, on Rue Saint Charles had it’s usual selection of €5 items, but nothing jumped out at me (although there was a dress, which was almost wrong enough to be right, but I left it). Even Old Faithful let me down.

The sales are over (though there are a few remaining sale items tucked away in dark corners) finding a Five is not going to be as easy as the last month or so.

Summer is in the stores, but not on the streets. I’m perfectly content to plan summer outfits and to stock up on essentials and accessories in anticipation, but for this weeks Five on Friday, the selection passed me by. Some things were just over the budget and some things were just plain boring. I found sunglasses, striped tunics, singlets and headbands, all under €5. I could have chosen from any of these things, but it doesn’t make for interesting reading. Nor is it the name of the game. The whole point of Five is to help me expand my wardrobe on a tight budget. It doesn’t help me to spend money on things that aren’t going to make my outfits more diverting.

The sunglasses weren’t right for my face. The tunic wasn’t my style or in my colours. And the singlets while useful, just weren’t a flattering shape for me.

Maybe I won’t find a Five each week, but it won’t stop me from trying. 😉


~ by fashiondevotion on February 13, 2010.

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