Winter Blues

There comes a point in every season when I start to become impatient for a change. Winter is dragging, and there are only so many times I can wear the same sweater. The temperatures have dipped (again) in Paris this week, and I feel like winter will never end.

The new collections have been gaining more space in the stores, and the sales are slowly diminishing (in fact yesterday was supposedly the last day). It’s refreshing to see some colour, and freshness in the shop windows. It’s just a shame that the weather outdoors isn’t co-operating.

Yesterday it was freezing outside and the combination of rain and snow was less than motivational. I hit the stores for a brief spell in the afternoon, hoping to snag that last winter bargain. Sale sections were abuzz with others on the same hunt as myself. What struck me though, was just how little was left. Huge stores had literally cleared their sale stock to one or two racks. I’d thought when I left the apartment, that I’d be struggling to decide between things. When the fact was that I found nothing really enticed me. I was also a little upset at myself for not having bought items on sale when they were plentiful. I left it to shopping karma and I missed out (I’m sorry H&M faux fur jacket… it wasn’t meant to be).

I’m also slightly curious to see if any stores keep a few sale items tucked away in a dark, little corner (sale dates are regulated here). With the quantities of sale stock remaining in many stores, it seems absolutely pointless storing it until the sales in June.

Summer can’t come fast enough for me now (even if I am keen to go snowboarding a few more times this season). The boredom I’m feeling with my winter clothing, can only be beaten by dreaming up lovely summer outfits. I’m craving colour, light, the feeling of the sun on my skin. It probably doesn’t help that it’s summer at home in Australia and the memory of a turquoise ocean is taunting me.

Home is where the heart is (and this isn’t too far off). Rottnest Island, Western Australia 2009.

Self-made dress (aka. The Sound of Music Dress… yes it’s made from vintage curtain fabric).

I cannot wait to wear this dress this summer It’s floaty, and floor-length, and has room in the belly to cover ice-cream consumption.


~ by fashiondevotion on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Winter Blues”

  1. WOW you made this??? I am SO impressed. The inner Maria in you shines 🙂 I may have missed this, but if/when will you return to Oz?? Gorgeous.

    • Awww shucks!!! Yeh, I made it.

      As for Oz, I’m not sure. For a holiday we’d like to go for Christmas, to live maybe in a few years. International life can be so complicated sometimes 😉

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