Baby It’s Cold Outside

Howdy partners!!! This week has been interesing, and has seen me working for a few days. The days have been long, cold, and I feel like I could end up in the Land of Nod, in no-time at all. All this has led to what can be only be described as minimalist blogging.

After my day today, the only thing I wanted to do was come home and soak myself in a hot, hot bath. But I persisted and I come bearing another Five on Friday.

Without going into too much detail about the work I’ve been doing, I can tell you that I’m outside A LOT, and it-is-COLD. I have been around and around Paris, and it feels like everyday it just gets colder and colder. I’m outside for most of it, with little chance of esacaping into the warmth. Tomorrow (Saturday) is the last day, and my my idea of an ideal Sunday this week is to hit the couch, hide under my duvet, drink hot beverages and watch lots of DVDs.

To cushion the last day (and to halt the slight tickle in the back of my throat), I wanted a Five that would keep we WARM. Work finished in the Montparnasse area with just over an hour until the shops closed for business. I was sorely tempted to head back to the source of last weeks Five (Côté à Côté), but I chose the challenge. Montparnasse, as I mentioned last week, has a shopping complex. I checked out the last of the sale items in Six, Naf Naf, 123, C&A, Lefties, Kookaï and Jennyfer. And it’s Jennyfer where I found what I was after.

I found this woolly hat hiding towards the back of the store, and snapped it up. The price was €4.95. So I figured I’d played it well. I’d specifically been looking for something to keep my head and ears warm, as all my woolly hats are in the Alps.

I also found these fingerless gloves. Great for keeping hands warm when the full use of your fingers is desired. They were €3.95. I figured I could keep them for another Friday when I’m pressed for time.

A good lap around the store later and I found this coat on sale for €15. While not the most gorgeous item to have graced the streets of Paris, it will probably keep me warmer than anything else I have in Paris (the warmest thing I own is in the Alps). HEAT is the name of the game this week people.

Payment ended up revealing a few surprises. The woolly hat was reduced to €2.49, score! And the fingerless gloves were reduced to €1.99, double SCORE!!! That’s only €4.48 for the two, and I’ve managed to cheat myself out of my emergency Five.  And sure I still payed €15 for the coat, but I never intended it as a Five. You can’t have everything. 😉

Jennyfer hat, gloves and coat. Bonds T-Shirt and Gap Jeans.


~ by fashiondevotion on February 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. I love your hat! It’s starting to feel colder and colder here too, it just started raining all day today out of nowhere!

  2. Nice hat Natasha 😉 Hope you enjoyed your Sunday with blanket, hot beverage and DVDs !!!
    It was nice to work with you, and thanks for your help. Take care !


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