Rainy Friday in Paris

I realise this post is slightly overdue, but quel weekend!

Friday started like any other Friday. I was wondering where the day would take me, and where I should head to find a Five on Friday. I wasn’t eager to hit the streets, as the streets were a giant puddle. The photos below were taken later in the day after the rain had died down.

I had the added obstacle of delivering my CV to unsuspecting shops in Paris. My job hunt is stepping-up. I spent the morning doing some fine-tuning of the CV (with lots of help from the Frog), and then headed to his office to use the printing facilities.

A few printing issues later, and I was not going to make it to the stores before they closed for lunch. So I joined The Boys for a bite-to-eat. Yummm!!! It sounded like a much nicer idea than getting drowned outside.

Once lunch was out of the way, and I summed up all my courage, I headed out to get a job. I find it nerve-racking enough to go and distribute my CV in English. This French scenario is a whole other thang. I manage pretty well with the language now, but I haven’t taken a class since high-school, and I know I could be better.

When I was done handing out my CVs, and since I was in the Saint Germain area, I rewarded myself with a visit to AA. All the colours and fabrics have me very excited about summer. I didn’t buy anything… no matter how much I wanted to.

I was at a complete loss as to where I would find a Five in Saint Germain, and decided I’d have more luck in another part of town. At this point I found myself on the Rue de Rennes, with the towering Montparnasse in the distance. Montparnasse has a shopping complex, and the Rue de Rennes which leads to it, is full of shops. I figured it was worth a shot.

Weaving my way in and out of stores, I once again zoned-in on the soldes. I hit up Gap, Kookaï, Benetton, Texto, and a few others which had my head spinning with the stench of bad pleather. I was almost at Montparnasse when a store caught my attention with €15, €10 and €5 written all over the windows. Glancing in, I was not confident of finding anything that would meet my criteria, and continued to walk. Then I thought it was worth a quick look and turned back.

The store was called Côté à Côté, and was actually quite large. There were shoes (all synthetic), coats, jackets, knitwear and more. And there was a lot of everything. Some things cost more than advertised in the window, but they didn’t interest me anyway. Actually, not much did. I was about to give up when something sparkly caught to my attention.

At first I wasn’t sure, but the cut was nice enough. The fabric could be heavier, but it will be good for Spring. All the ones in my size were missing buttons, but one still had the spare inside. The more I looked the more it grew on me, and to my surprise it was only €5. The store was a bit of a squash, with so much packed inside, so I took a gamble and bought it without trying.

Once home I attached the spare button, and put it straight on. I loved it. It fits well, and looks much better on than on than off.

I think of all my Five on Fridays, this Jacket is my favourite so far. I absolutely love the collar!

Friday night the Frog and I finally rocked out 3D glasses and saw Avatar.

The rest of the weekend we’ve cooked-up a storm, seen friends and heard joyous news. My cousins baby has made it safely into this world. Welcome baby Ellie!!!


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One Response to “Rainy Friday in Paris”

  1. I adore this coat as well! I have seen quite a few of these coats lingering in my local H&M but I can’t seem to find one that fits just right. Plus, in sub-zero weather it simply will not suffice. Must. Think. Spring!

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