Dregs or Diamonds?

The sales are drawing to a close in Paris, and it’ll be good-bye until June. Bit by bit the sales sections are being pushed out by the Nouvelles Collections. There is maybe one week left to snatch-up the leftovers, and save some money.

Yesterday was my play-date with American Gal. I was out and about (and trying not to freeze) in the -4°C that hit Paris, when a delayed text came through. American Gal was up to her eyeballs with work and play-time was rescheduled until the afternoon. No big deal. Obviously, I was disappointed not to have the whole day to play, but I’m a big girl, I can handle it.

I headed off on-foot for Saint Germain. There were a few stores I wanted to look in over that way.

I’m in the market for a nice, leather purse. Confession. Last year I finally got rid of the purse I’d been carrying around since the age of fifteen. I donated it to the playing needs of my niece. Since then I’ve been “managing” with a bargain find from Australia. I bought it in a blaze of frustration caused by the old one (and it’s lack of space). It’s not the greatest, and the plastic, pleather quality is really irritating me now.

Anywho, I’m looking at replacing the replacement. I’m happy with it’s size, so it’s been a focused search. While I’ve been constantly thinking about the Jérôme Dreyfuss I saw in the sales, the fact remains it’s blue. I’m not sure I want to spend that kind of money (even on sale) for blue. The Jérôme Dreyfuss store is located in Saint Germain on the Rue Jacob.

The new season colours are very nice, and I’m sure I’ll be doing some drooling in the near future. Unfortunately, Jérôme Dreyfuss comes at a price, so a splurge for a purse is not on the cards.

I also went to Aridza Bross. I still totally love their leather creations. Their sale is awesome too. Loads of savings. Their new collection is slowly starting to filter into the store, and IT IS GOOD. I eyed a lovely wallet in their glass display. Funky, yet simple on the outside, but loaded with practicality on the inside. The sales assistant told me they will be stocking lots of new colours in the next few weeks… so I’ll be holding off till then. The price is really reasonable for such quality leather.

From there I hiked back to my meeting point with American Gal. Together we shuffled off to Starbucks for gossip and refreshments. I was utterly overjoyed to clasp my frozen hands around a piping hot, coffee.

In our limited time that remained we headed back to the Grandes Magazins where we played in the Lingerie department. There are huge savings on most brands, and a very good selection is still left. La Perla has some beautiful pieces, which even on sale were pricey. The new Elle Macpherson range is in, which is very exciting as I love her underwear (and I understand the sizing). Stella McCartney has a gorgeous, crossback (non-sporty) bra which is now on my wish-list, and other items which are totally sigh-worthy.

We also managed a short trip to Zara. Here was a little more chaotic. Prices have really come down, and everybody is out to snatch-up what they can, with what’s left of their money. Amazingly, there are still some really nice pieces left. The only difference between now and the start of the sales is that there is less choice for sizes, and perhaps whatever it is, is now even cheaper.

Tables are filled with shoes and boots greatly reduced. Great basics are at a fraction of the starting price. For sure the occurrence of junk is more frequent and it might take more of a rummage, but if you’re prepared to roll-up your sleeves, there are some real gems to uncover.

I’ve always enjoyed the hunt for a great bargain, so I make the most of the sales. Sometimes our personal situation means that sales are the only time when you can treat yourself. Whatever the reason, the is no need to be ashamed of buying sale items. Buy basic or classic items and you can’t go wrong. Don’t purchase things simply because they are on sale. Buy it because you really like it, buy it because you need it, buy it because it will last beyond the end of the season.

Are you a sale fan? Are they diamonds or dregs?


~ by fashiondevotion on January 28, 2010.

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