Buried Treasure

Panic!!! A serious shoe problem!! I had the outfit and I had the headband… but I didn’t have the shoes. My Dolce‘s while practically begging to be taken out for the night, were sadly not invited to the party. It’s a bit of a rule of mine to not wear good and/or new shoes to a party. Parties tend to be messy, with someone inevitably spilling something sticky on me.

In general, I plan my outfits around my shoes (unless, I have something new that I really want to wear). A quick, mental inventory of my shoe collection decided that matters were dire. A good portion of my shoes are in storage, waiting for the day when they are in style again. I have a feeling they will be reappearing soon.

Problem. This month has already seen some unusually high expenditure. It was the sale’s fault! How can someone on a budget (in need of clothes AND shoes) pass up great savings?

Time. Or lack there of. I had an afternoon of culinary artistry ahead of me, if I was to be admitted to the festivities. A big batch of my famous Pasta Salad was my ticket to a night of champagne and dancing. I figured a brief detour while out gathering my ingredients, wouldn’t hurt. If anything I could weigh-up all my options.

Nothing really matched my criteria, even if I was close to buying a pair of suede, heels (with loads of buckles) in the Zara sale. They were a half-size too small, and subsequently pinched my feet. The Voice-of-Reason spoke. Dancing was on the agenda. The romance would be short-lived.

With my landslide of Pasta Salad ready-to-go, one last raid of the shoe collection was in order. If worst came to worst, I had my black Repetto Ballet pumps. In fact the whole combination would be pretty cute.

While rummaging I considered my black pixie shoes, bought a lifetime ago at Office in London. These offer a tiny heel to elongate the leg, but I still wanted more. And then… I struck gold!

My Jigsaw Buckle shoes. I had sadly forgotten all about them. It was like unearthing some lost relic, a buried treasure of sorts. Not only do they go smashingly with my outfit, they are very comfortable shoes. I used to wear these all day on the shop floor. And then out after work. And all about town.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

The only remaining issue was what belt to wear with my Whistles dress? I had an old elastic belt, but the pleather bow on the front was not going to work. Five minutes, a brief clash between pleather and pliers, and I had a new canvas to work with (and a small hole to cover). Sifting through my sewing box it became evident I had a problem. What I needed was a brooch. Certain I didn’t have one, I reluctantly emptied the contents of my jewellery box, and came across this.

Another Jigsaw piece forgotten by time. It originally came with a cape, and after the fastener broke, had found it’s way to the bottom of the box. Needle and thread, a few quick stitches, and the outfit was complete.

DIY Headband, Whistles Dress, Vintage necklace, DIY Belt, Bracelets from Mim, Bonds Micro-fibre Tights, Jigsaw Buckle Shoes.


~ by fashiondevotion on January 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “Buried Treasure”

  1. What a cute dress!! I love the color and how it fits you! So beautiful 🙂

    I hope you had a wonderful time at your party!


  2. Those shoes are so cute & your dress is gorgeous!

  3. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to bring a Pasta Salad to get a night of champagne and dancing!

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