Friday Times

Time is an amazing thing. It passes by so quickly, yet at other moments, time seems to go in reverse. Today is seven years since I got on a plane to London. I left my home to experience new things, see the world, and above all have a holiday. It’s seven years, that I have lived abroad, since I started experiencing different cultures on a day-to-day basis, and seven years since my life has drastically changed. There have been many ups, and a few downs. I’ve grown, I’ve changed and I’ve fulfilled a life-long dream of living in Paris.

The journey is by no means over. I have many lessons to learn here. And while things are gradually starting to settle and fall into place, there are still a few big hurdles to jump. I still have the Language Hurdle and the Job Hurdle. I think once these obstacles are behind me, I’ll be well on the way to a well-rounded life here.

Today is also the birthday of two people very close to me. My beautiful sister Emma, and my very close friend Analisa. I spent a bit of time tracking down these girls this morning to send them my wishes.

Before heading out today, I had a hard time putting together an outfit. It was one of those times when you really see what is missing from your wardrobe (and when I remember the main reason I started this blog). I tried out several combinations I’ve never tried before, and finally settled on something that I felt I could leave the apartment in. I was eager to build an outfit around my Burberry Jacket, though it turns out it doesn’t match with most of my wardrobe.

This week for Five on Friday, I had a bit more of an idea what I “wanted” to I find. Tomorrow night, the Frog and I are invited to a party, and while I mostly know what I will wear, there are a few accessories missing. As I had a bit of a picture in my head of what I wanted, I foresaw that this weeks Five would most likely be a DIY project.

I once again set off for Les Halles, not because I was planning on finding everything there, but because it’s nearby to somewhere on my list for today. My first stop was H&M. I was after an inexpensive headband. Mission accomplished. I found this black headband for €1.95.

Since the headband was an easy find, I took some time to look around Les Halles, mostly in stores that aren’t found close to my apartment. There are so many good deals about just now. It’s a shame that I’ve pretty much used up all the budget for this month already. No harm in looking though 😉

My next stop was La Droguerie on the Rue de Jour, just a few minutes walk from Les Halles. This is one of my favourite places in Paris to find buttons, ribbons, and other notions. The store is very inviting, and the staff are very friendly. When you enter, there is a rainbow of wools, and that leads you back to where all the buttons, and rolls of ribbons are stored. Something that has taken time for me to get used to, is that stores like this are not self-service in France (nor in Italy). So it has taken some time for me to be confident enough to ask for what I want. I feel more comfortable about doing it in this store.

I could spend hours in La Droguerie. There is so much choice! Besides, I love this sort of stuff!

Today, I chose this button for €1.20.

And a metre of this black velvet ribbon for €1.40.

Todays “ingredients” cost a grand total of €4.55.

When I was done at La Droguerie, I wasn’t ready to go home. It wasn’t too cold, and it wasn’t raining, so I decided to walk to Paris Opera. I really just wanted to drool over the shoes in Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. I was also curious to see if there were further markdowns. I circled the various floors until I was dizzy and my feet hurt.

At home I set in to do my DIY. And here goes.

Step 1) Cut a short piece of ribbon, and sew it around the desired part of the headband.

Step 2) Make a few loops with the ribbon, and stitch down to hold the form. Snip of the remainder, and tidy ribbon ends.

Step 3) Stitch the button onto the point where the loops intersect.

Step 4) Sew the form onto the loop attached to the headband. Finito!!

So that’s my DIY Five on Friday. I thought it would add some ooomph to my hair tomorrow night, and it was a bit of fun. I think it turned out well.


~ by fashiondevotion on January 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Friday Times”

  1. Gorgeous headband!

  2. Cute.
    Now I want to see a pic of you wearing it!
    Hope you are well, keep up the bargain hunting.

  3. that’s great!

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