And this is why…

Sorry to have left you all hanging yesterday. Oh, you love the suspense… I know it!

It feels like I’m never in the the right place at the right time to take full advantage of the soldes (sales). Inevitably, I’ll be having a great time on holiday somewhere across the first few days. I wouldn’t change that, but sometimes my imagination takes me to a place where I see all the bargains I missed out on. Silly really.

This time I managed to get to the soldes on the sixth day. I met American Gal (who has now become one of my favourite shopping partners) in the Printemps, Citadium and Galleries Lafayette area. Our first stop was Citadium. I was desperate to see if those Silver Nikes were in the sale… and well they must have been since there were none left (I may have to do some research and track a pair down). I very nearly drowned my sorrows on a pair of black sequined hightops for €20, but as the day was young, I decided to give it more thought and see what else the day would bring.

In Printemps, we worked our way from floor to floor, savouring the soft leathers, silks, wools and the comparative emptiness of the store at that time of day. I couldn’t get over the reductions, and the savings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sales like this before. My hometown of Perth, Australia, has nothing like it, and as I said above, I have a habit of never being near the sales in the opening days.

On the bottom floor, I saw the other pair of shoes (boots) which have been constantly on my mind since Christmas shopping. They are a pair of black leather ankle boots from Maje (of which I cannot find a picture). They are the most me boots I have ever seen. They are still a little out of my reach financially, but American Gal informs me that the second markdowns are approaching, and that might be the best time to snap them up.

On the fifth floor of Printemps is Mecca the Shoe Department. While I scoped out the reductions at the Repetto stand (always on the hunt for beautiful ballet flats), American Gal dashed over and tried on a pair of Jimmy Choo‘s. Sooo pretty. We made a decent lap around the floor, and soon found ourselves at Dolce & Gabbana. I was just play shopping at this point. Picking up shoes, drooling, and reluctantly putting them back. At some point my hand settled on a pair of stiletto snake skin sling-backs. I marvelled at the shape, the classic styling, and timelessness of this shoe. In a trance-like state I slipped off my trusty boot and slipped my foot into heaven. Perfection. I gently removed it and flipped it over, revealing the price, which to my surprise was very reasonable (for designer footwear anyway).

This started the mental calculations, the should I shouldn’t I’s, and picturing the Frog’s reaction to such a purchase. I was certain these were the shoes I’d been searching for. Black heels have been on my list for so long now, and here were these Dolce’s begging to be bought. The nice Dolce dude allowed me to put them aside for an hour, and with that American Gal and I headed for coffee, lunch and a micro-tele-conference with the Frog.

After presenting my case, the Frog gave me permission, and I could not stop grinning. We decided that I needed them. I’m starting the job hunt here in Paris, and these will be perfect for Fashion Job interviews, and work (when I get it). It is rather embarrasing to reveal that my shoe collection was lacking a basic such as black heels… but then if my wardrobe hadn’t become so depleted over the last few years, then I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

I was on cloud nine (I never understood where that expression came from). I practically skipped back to Dolce. And here comes another embarrassing confession… (try not to judge me) these Dolce’s were to be my first ever pair of designer shoes. And what a place to start!!!

I was grinning like a dork when the Dolce dude, handed me my shoes. He must spot first timers a mile away. After that everything passed by in a haze. I also felt so much more confident walking into the designer stands after that in Galleries Lafayette. It probably sounds silly to you, but I felt like if a scary sales person looked me down, I’d whip out my Dolce’s and say “Ha!”

I was also looking out for a new money purse and came by a lovely Jérôme Dreyfuss, which is now under serious consideration (maybe in the second round of markdowns… if I’m lucky).

At the Karen Millen stand, I very nearly purchased a silk top, which also would have been very good for interviews, but it did have a few small holes and pulls in it, which I decided would not hold up for all that long, and so I let it go (maybe in the next round too).

I have been looking at my new shoes all day today. I still can’t believe they belong to me. I love them! This afternoon, before writing this I decided to dress-up and have a mini photo-shoot with my Dolce’s. One of my resolutions for 2010 was to include more pictures of myself (and my outfits) in the blog. I’m hoping it’ll help lift my confidence, and as I acquire more new thing’s it’ll start to get easier for me to put together better outfits.

So without further ado…

Dolce & Gabbana Slingbacks, Vintage Necklace, Mim Bracelets, Jigsaw Skirt, and Corset of my own design and construction.


~ by fashiondevotion on January 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “And this is why…”

  1. Beautiful! Beautifully writen and beautiful shoes!!

    Ahhh it feels so wonderful to purchase high end clothes and shoes, it is my love……


  2. “It probably sounds silly to you, but I felt like if a scary sales person looked me down, I’d whip out my Dolce’s and say “Ha!” ”

    Totally doesn’t sound silly because I have the same justification going on in my mind when I splurge on something designer!! After I bought my first “real” purse I felt like I could conquer the world!! Of course, I love living through your foreign shopping – so much fun!!

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