Snow Special – Part 2

I have lost faith in the weather person. They predict amazing weather, and then when you wake-up it’s raining, and when they predict snow, suddenly the sky is clear. I feel they rarely have it right.  This makes planning a day on the slopes a tad difficult. For example on Wednesday, I thought I’d sleep late, and let the snow fall outside, until the Frog burst in, and opened the shutters. The light that flooded the room was blinding, and the sky was SO blue. Next thing I knew I was hurridly chugging down some soup before throwing on the snow-gear, and heading to buy the ski-pass for the afternoon.

View from the Slopes

It was an amazing day. A little cold for my Australian bones, but with a clear sky like that (after two weeks of bad weather), there was no way I was letting it pass me by. I even convinced the Frog that work was for squares, and that he could make up the time later.

I’m so pleased with my effort on my snowboard. I’ve pushed myself to the red slopes, and it’s paying off. I’m more confident, and I just get on with it. I’m even starting to pick-up a bit more speed. I had a few tumbles, sure, but that’s the name of the game when starting to snowboard.

Continuing with the snow theme, I have a few more things that I think look HOT on the slopes.

Sunnies vs goggles…

Goggles all the way. I mean when else can you wear them? Plus they stick to your head, and hold your beanie in place. I wore sunnies the other day, when I went skiing with the family, and decided that my black sunnies worked better with my old ski outfit. Big mistake. The temperatures plummeted to -20°C, the arms of my sunnies allowed wind to enter the beanie, and I have been recovering from Frozen Ear ever since. I kid you not my friends. My right ear froze and has been sore, swollen and red, it’s just starting to mend itself now.

Photo Cred - Roxy Broadway Goggles

I have these same goggles in pink. They were a gift a few years ago, and I love them. I have the Black ones on my wish list for a few reasons. 1) to avoid clashing, 2) to avoid making silly decisions which could result in point 3, 3) to avoid Frozen Ear, 4) because I know this shape works on my face and 5) I like black.

This next item is hardly a “fashion” item, but I almost passed-out when I saw them in Citadium before Christmas. I don’t think there are snowboard bindings out there which could be more ME.

Photo Cred - Burton Lena Bindings

Yes… that is zipper detail. I told you all before that I’m a sucker for eyelets and metallic zippers. I just hope these bindings are still around when it comes time to change mine.

Photo Cred - Burton Starr Vest

I am totally loving this vest from Burton. It’s made with a wool fleece, for extra dryness,and warmth. The details are so cute (yes more metallic zippers), and the available colours are delish. I think the hood is adorable.  This has SO just been added to my wish list.

Photo Cred - Roxy HelicopterPants

These Roxy Pants going by the name of Helicopter, have just come to my attention. I believe them to be super cute, and needing immediate purchase. The cut appears to be slimmer than most snowboard pants, and so I could get away with them for skiing too.

Here are some more photos of me snowboarding. I’m still fairly new at this so please try not to laugh too hard 😉

In action on the slopes

More boarding

And if you have made it this far, I’m really going out on a limb here. This is short movie I put together of my moves. As I said, I’m no Pro. If it looks like I’m going slowly, it’s because I am. The Frog was filming with my point-and-shoot, so in order for him to get decent shots, I couldn’t go at my new speed (which is just a notch up from this).


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