Snow Special – Part 1

Given my current location, and daily activites… I’ve decided a snow special is in order.

I always get a bit of a kick out of checking out what people are wearing on the slopes. I adore seeing older people dressed very retro, in full piece ski-suits that were once very bright and are now somewhat faded. But then I love seeing a dude on a snowboard that has carried off the carefree rider in the latest gear. I also love that most people tend to be more colourful when it comes to their snow gear.

My first snow-sport experience was being fixed onto a pair of borrowed skis, with a borrowed jacket and pants and practically pushed down a shallow slope in what was left of the snow in a resort closed for the summer. Come the winter, when it seemed learning to ski was going to be inevitable, I was damned if I was going to be clad in the left-overs of the Froggy family or daggy rental gear. I invested in the funkiest low-cost ski gear I could lay my hands on. Ah!.. Decathlon producing sports gear for the masses. For under €100 I managed to pick-up some ski pants and a decent jacket to match, suitable for starting my skiing career.

This gear has been serving me for about five years now, and it’s held up well (except for where the legs are cut from my numerous debutant falls). Now it’s time for this stuff to be replaced. The jacket has stains (I have no idea what from) which refuse to come out, and the pants get filled with snow in the afore mentioned cuts. It’s not urgent though as I have a smokin’ outfit for snowboarding.

This is me in my snowboarding gear. B by Burton Jacket and pants, Roxy goggles and beanie, Decathlon "Quechua" polar fleece, borrowed Racer gloves.

This outfit has been going strong for two years, and I still love it. This is a B by Burton creation. I saw it online when I first got obsessed with wanting to snowboard, and I knew I had to have it. The Frog ended up getting it for me the season after (after much searching on his part). The quality is amazing and I would recommend Burton products to anyone. The stuff is much warmer than my ski stuff. It’s also pretty heavy, but that’s because it is made from quality materials, and packed with special features. There are special hidden pockets, a magnetic storm flap, powder skirt, piping, handwarmer pockets and more. It’s also durable. I have had many thrills and spills in this gear, and it has shown zero sign of wear and tear. It has seen me through the ugly “real” beginners stage, and is progressing with me as I get more and more confident. I could only want the pants to be a bit smaller, and the jacket to be a bit longer (buying it out of season left us with not too many options for sizes… and it’s not Burton’s fault that I have a really long torso).

Although Burton is mostly for snowboarding I’m actually eyeing-off another one of their jackets for skiing. I know a lot of people think that skiers look stupid when they are dressed in boarding wear, but so far (for me) skiing gear is falling short of the boarding garb.

I’ve also been so impressed with my Roxy Goggles. They are anti-fog, and while the orange lens can take some getting used to, my eyes water less with the cold. This design is also cool for a small face like mine. The beanie in the pic above was another gift from my Mum, and while I’m not the biggest fan of red and pink together (it takes me back to a fashion faux-pas when I was seven), the pink stitching on the red helped me to unite the red detail on my boarding boots with, the pink on my board. Ha! I’m obsessed I know!

Here are some the designs for the season which I’m loving.

Photo cred -Roxy Chalet Jacket

I think this jacket is a bit of fun. The colours are warm, and the fur trim on the hood is so cute.

Photo Cred - Burton Chase Pants

I love the cut of these Burton Snowboard pants. Loads more colours to choose from too.

Photo Cred - Burton Veda Gloves

So in love with these gloves from Burton. I’m a sucker for eyelets and metallic zippers.

That’s all for today folks. I’ll get around to a second part in this snow special in the next few days. This girl had an awesome afternoon snowboarding, and now it’s time for bed.


~ by fashiondevotion on January 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Snow Special – Part 1”

  1. That’s a cute snow outfit 🙂 I love the beanie!

  2. You are too cute keeping us all looking good up on the mountains! I love a cute mountain look 😉

    I haven’t been up for a couple years now…but I am thinking about it. My legs always feel like they are going to fall off the next day!

    You make your own toasted muesli? Do tell!


  3. I absolutely looooove your B by burton snowboarding gear…you wouldn’t happen to know if it’s still out for sale do you? Or where you bought it from?? If you could help that’d be great. I’m looking for some new snowboarding gear but I haven’t found anything that’s caught my eye yet!

    • My fiancé managed to track it down through Burton. I don’t think you will find it in stores though. It was already last seasons stock when I got it, and I’ve had it for a few years now. I still love it though… just like the first time I saw it. Maybe try ebay xxx

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