Go Go Gadget Girl

As with most of my Christmas’ over the last half decade or so, the main Christmas meal and gift giving this year occurred on the 27th. A killer at times, when Christmas Day doesn’t feel like Christmas Day, and the tree is still sheltering a cache of presents.

It’s also amazing to see how much things have changed for me in the past few years. If someone had of told me last year that I would be writing a blog now, I would have said “a what?” I’m sorry to say, but this is true. I would also never have believed that a I would be teaching myself the language Mac, and been happy to receive such teckie Christmas gifts.

Sunday night we had our customary late Christmas celebration. After a half day of skiing we all sat down to a meal of raclette (the best melted cheese in the world), Cerdon (my favourite alcohol ever) and chocolates (need I say more). Followed by what can only be described as a marathon gift effort. It took the six of us over three hours to get through the unwrapping. Receiving gifts makes me nervous for some reason. I’m more of a giver, and I love to see that the gifts I’ve thought long and hard about are well received. And for me that’s a huge part of what Christmas is about.

I can’t say that I was disappointed this year. The Frog who always likes to give more than one gift (even when he’s over-spent) did so very well. I got the latest Dan Brown in hardcover. Score! And the exact Filofax I was after. He’s so good. I vow to be über organised in 2010. The Filofax is even better than online. The leather cover is divine, and so soft. It’s also got space for business cards, and a zip pocket on the front.

Some DB and Filofax Action

He also got me a Mac Pack, for my Macbook Pro, with a wireless mouse, USB hub, numeric keyboard (a necessity when dealing with a French AZERTY keyboard), and more. It’s also in a nice silver case handy for a Nomadic lifestyle. I’d never have appreciated this kind of gift until now. The future Frog bro-in-law and his gal, gave me a Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch. This is probably the most teckie thing I have ever received (aside from the Macbook Pro). It’s a special electronic pad (much like the mouse pads on most laptops) only it works with a special pen and is pressure sensitive. I gave it a small test run, and it’s lots of fun. Once I’ve had the chance to play with it some more and become more adept with it, I’ll be doing my garment designs direct onto my laptop. It’ll make things easier in terms of my website, and will hopefully help me to be more organised.

Lots of Accessories for my MacBook Pro

Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch = Fun for Gadget Girls

As a joint gift from the Frog and the future Frog-in-laws I was given a gorgeous black leather bag. It was actually something I had pointed out to the frog during my pre-chistmas research, and just hoped existed in black. I mentioned in an earlier post I compiled and emailed him a list of bags that I liked so he had a better idea of what I was after.

My bag is from Arizda Bross. It’s a brand I’d not heard much about. I looked online at Galleries Lafayette since they have an good selection of bags, and the Aridza Bross bags really stood out for me. I looked up the website which shows the store here in Paris… and the first thing I thought was “I’ve been there before”. And I had. I stumbled upon the store while entertaining the future frog-in-laws on their visit to Paris in the spring (it was a bag in the window which caught my attention back then). I adore the vintage feel of their leathers and the originality of design. The Frog told me about when he went to get the bag. He’d actually wanted to get me another one that had been on my list. Since they didn’t have any left, they offered to see if they still had the leather available to make one up especially. Since they didn’t, the Frog chose my lovely new bag. I was just so impressed about the level of customer service, and willingness to do a special order. The Frog clearly was too. I think it’s a nice touch in this day and age.

Lovely Leather Aridza Bross Bag

Back view of Aridza Bross Bag

The Frog bro-in-law also gave me a fix for my AA addiction, with an American Apparel Original Music T-Shirt. It says “ROCK TO THE BEAT”. I love it.

A dose of AA

And finally yesterday after a mistake on the part of the French Post, came stocking-fillers from my Mum. She got me a Billabong Beanie for skiing/snowboarding. She also made me a ring and pendant in rose glass. She’s so clever, I love them, and I love that they are her handy-work. Having unique pieces is so special for me.

Cozy Billabong Beanie = Good on my snowboard

Rose Glass Ring and Pendant by Mum


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5 Responses to “Go Go Gadget Girl”

  1. the ring is to die for! i’m so jealous!!!!

  2. My goodness- does this Frog of yours have a brother? So thoughtful and sounds like he complimented all aspects of your personality completely. What a sweetheart!
    And your mom’s gifts are gorgeous- she is so very talented!

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