Vintage in the 16th

A few days before heading off on holidays, I caught up with American Gal for a spot of Vintage shopping. Savvy with many a Vintage destination in Paris, she advised we meet at Reciproque in the 16th Arrondissement. It was a cold but sunny day, and since it was apparently only half an hours walk from home (according to Google Maps), I decided to walk. It was brilliant to walk through parts of Paris that are not my usual stomping ground. Google Maps was almost right about the half an hour, only they have the street numbers the wrong way around, and I soon found my self hightailing it to the other-end of the street. I arrived slightly fifteen minutes late, with almost frozen Repetto clad feet.

I was not at all prepared for the treasures contained within. Reciproque is a treasure trove of Luxury brands. And it’s BIG. Three rooms on the ground floor, and a cavernous underground floor. The ground floor is mostly clothing, with a wall of shoes. I was hyperventilating all over the place, and patting the clothes. The clothing rails are packed tight, and the rails are very close together, which does make looking at things a bit tricky. It was over-whelming. Everywhere you look there is Chanel this, and Dolce and Gabbana that. Clothes are divided into clothing type and brand (and in some cases size). I found that the staff really watch you, and that while I can understand (so many things to guard over), it does make you feel a little uncomfortable. Not to mention pretty much everything is security tagged anyway.

I got buried in the G’s somewhere, and found a navy, pin-striped waistcoat and matching trousers that pleased me greatly. I didn’t try them on, I’ll leave that for another day when I’m not wearing tights and am cleared for decent spending. It could be tempting shopping fate again I know, but I couldn’t afford the Frog’s reaction to a €289 impulse purchase (if they did indeed look good on me). In my fluster over the amount of delicious items, I forgot whether it was Gaultier, Galiano or Givenchy…. not like me at all (but who cares… they were beautiful).

While Reciproque is certainly full of Vintage, and Luxury Brands, the price tags are not as low as I thought they might be. Stupidly, I’d taken extra cash in case I found a few things to blog about for Five on Friday (I had planned to pre-buy a few for while we’re on holidays), but the cheapest thing I found was a silk camisole for €90. Of course, things are much cheaper than if you’d bought them new, but it’s not a cheap place. The first thing I’d picked up when I entered the store was a Chanel Coat, with four figured price tag.

Downstairs there are more clothes. Rows and rows of furs, and jackets. Designer Jeans, woolens, and t-shirts. There was also hats and belts. The best part however, was the shoes. Oh the shoes!!! Much more hyperventilating here! I think I tried on everything in a size 39 (or 38, 40). We’re talking Vuitton, Prada, Rykel, Blahnik, Dior, Choo and more. So much fun.

Once we were done in this store, we headed up the street to another Reciproque. This one houses bags!!! They had a Dior Saddle Bag (a bag I’ve been wanting for years) circa 2004. I would have been seriously tempted had it not been in python. My fear of snakes means the feel of this absolutely freaks me out (in the bad sense). There were a few reductions on prices, but seeing as it was just before leaving for the Christmas Season, the timing was not right. I’ll be keeping my eyes on these stores in the future, and a certain all leather travel bag… mmm!

While I managed to have loads of fun… and more importantly not purchase anything, Reciproque did claim one victim. My Bershka long black gloves (from on of my earliest posts. They must have fallen out of my pocket somewhere along the way, never to be found again.


~ by fashiondevotion on December 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Vintage in the 16th”

  1. I used to live in the 16th! And I am headed to Paris in 2 days I will definetely check it out. Thanks !

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