Bedtime Threads

It’s so nice to be tucked away in the mountains. It’s quiet. Unlike our Paris apartment situated on a rather busy street, and intersection. This week the ski resorts are open, and luckily it’s not the busiest of weeks here. Next week the slopes will erupt with families on their winter holidays, and the slopes will be busy and crowded. So it’s a shame that the the frog and I have developed colds. We’ve only hit the slopes for an afternoon, and rather stupidly too. The slopes were almost deserted, and for good reason. It was on average -9°C. Brrr!

Since then we have laid low, in an effort to speed up the healing process (the rest of the family arrives on Saturday). We want to be in top condition for skiing and snowboarding all together. So from the depths of tissues, hot honey and lemon drinks, and comfies, come my thoughts on pyjamas.

For night-time comfort (and the occassional cold or really lazy day) everyone has their own style. Night-dresses, men’s styled pyjamas, old t-shirts or nothing at, all everyone has a preference. For me I’m a fan of matching top and bottoms. In fact I’m a big fan of pyjamas in general. In summer something light in cotton, flannel for the winter. Baggy bottoms and singlets in the seasons between.

In terms of which pjs are truely fantastic here we go.

Zara Home – Zara has some really wonderful classic pyjamas and night dresses. The fabrics vary from light cottons and lace, to stretchier t-shirt fabric. I’m a big fan of their cotton separates. During the summer I rocked a pair of cotton cut-offs with a lovely pin-tucked top which offered loads of room in the belly (which will come in handy for maternity… whenever that might be). The cotton is so soft and it has a lace insert throughout. It’s classy, and fresh. I absolutely adore these PJs. They also have some of the prettiest slippers around.

Victoria’s Secret – We don’t get Victoria’s Secret over here, or in Australia. My friends from Canada and the US, have only good things to say about it. I had a look through the website, and I’m very fond of these. They remind me of the PJs I had when I was a kid. They look so comfortable and warm.

Photo Cred - Victoria's Secret Thermal PJs

Etam – Also has an extensive choice of bedtime threads. These PJs last. One of my future frog-in-laws has been getting her money’s worth out of a few pairs for the last couple of years. And they are still going strong. They look just as good as the day she got them. The site isn’t in English, but the word pyjamas is pretty easy to pick up on the side menu.

Peter Alexander – As far as I am aware, this is the only designer brand with a focus on the humble pyjama. I love the stores. They are full of bright colours and the shop assistants wear PJs! Most stores have a bed, and the windows showcase the best of the season (I love the mixed and matched look they go for with their window dressings). This would have to be my favourite brands for PJs. There is something for everyone, and the designs (and prints) are fun. They also have all the bedtime accessories to go with. Masks and footwear, intimates and even some daywear. PA is also a huge supporter of the RSPCA, so you can even find something for your pooch while purchasing your PJs.

Photo Cred - Peter Alexander Ducky PJ Set

This is just an example of the fun prints by Peter Alexander. These ducks are very sweet. A big portion of this season is a Circus theme.

Photo Cred - Peter Alexander Playsuit

This playsuit is just too cute.

Photo Cred - Peter Alexander Tassel Slippers

I love red shoes… and that goes for slippers too.

Are you a fan of Pyjamas?

Sweet Dreams everyone.


~ by fashiondevotion on December 22, 2009.

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