Getting Into Holiday Mode

Howdy folks! I blog to you direct from the TGV (the fast French trains). Our train is running an hour late due to the weather. There is snow on the tracks and it’s very icey. We’re pretty lucky though, as my future frog-in-laws boarded their train after an hour and a half delay and they will have further delays during the journey.

I’m super excited for our holidays in the alps. I’ve been dreaming of being on my snowboard for months now. It’ll also be nice to be breathing in some of that awesome mountain air, and do some relaxing by the fire. It’s such a gorgeous place. I feel very lucky.

I’m also sorry to report that I do not have a Five on Friday to share with you. My week has simply flown by, and I spent yesterday and today getting things in order for our three weeks away (incidentally we still left in a panic, only to arrive at the train station fourty minutes before the train was to leave). I am also non the wiser as to how our house plant will surrive in our absence.

I aim to make up for my Five on Friday next week. I hope we’ll have the chance to head down the valley for a spot of shopping (we need to buy some gift wrapping supplies), or even to the next big town.

I have a few ideas for posts over the next few weeks, which will hopefully be just as interesting as my shopping escapades. I may even share a picture of me in my snowboarding get-up!

Happy weekend all!


~ by fashiondevotion on December 18, 2009.

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