The Hunt for the Perfect Laptop Bag

It’s official. Laptop bags are boring and in my humble opinion, designed with men in mind. If you want an inexpensive laptop bag, chances are all you find will be black, boring nylon. The price of most laptop bags (in general) make the mind boggle. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon on the hunt for something a bit nicer than the bog standard, and was horrified to see that, not only are these bags over-priced for what they are, but that my MacBook Pro 15″ has limited my bag choices. In the stores, there is an abundance of colour  and fabric choices for the 13″ beauties, but when it comes to the 15″ babies, there is next to nothing. I should be rewarded for my lovely laptop, not punished to spend the forseeable computer eternity with an ugly bag. I want something to complement the sleek Apple design, not drag it down.

I’ve had my laptop for a few months now, and it’s very well domesticated. It’s a house Mac, and would probably not survive on it’s own in the wild. That’s right, in the few months that I’ve been the proud owner of a shiny MacBook Pro, I’ve never taken it out to see the Big Wide World. I really have not much cause to go out with my computer. The longest I’ve been separated from my computer has been a week (my trip over to the Island). Now that a three week get-away to the Alps for the Chrissy Season starts tomorrow evening, I’m not prepared to leave my Mac to fend for itself for so long.

Research has helped me find some lucious laptop bags which (price-wise) are just out of the question this close to Christmas, but which I hope to invest in, in the future. My favourite by far is the beauty below, which is sold out until Spring 2010, and is not made for a laptop as big as mine (my fingers are crossed that they produce a larger size). View the site here.

Photo Cred - jtote Melania Laptop Bag

In equal second are these numbers. I love the Rubi in the red patent leather, and the tan. The Prague is only available in Black, but I am loving the front pocket detail. View the site here.

Photo Cred - Knomo Rubi in Red Patent Leather

Photo Cred - Knomo Prague in Black Leather

In third place, which is where I first stumbled across laptop bags that are more lady friendly is the Milano from Mobile Edge. I’d be happy to pay this kind of price right now, only it’s not available in Europe.

Photo Cred - Milano from Mobile Edge in Black Faux Croc

In the meantime I’m settling for a cheap case to get me through the holidays and into the New Year. I’ve found a bog standard caselogic for  €14.95 on a store promotion and figured it’s a price I’m prepared to pay for a quick solution, and for something which I plan on replacing in not too long.


~ by fashiondevotion on December 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Hunt for the Perfect Laptop Bag”

  1. I totally agree with you… the makers of laptop bags failed to consider the needs of a girl.

    I think I like that red patent laptop bag.

  2. I agree completely! They design laptop bags with men in mind… so frustrating!

    I like the red patent bag and the black croc one 🙂

  3. I’m not usually partial to patent leather, but in the case of this bag I think it gives it the perfect edge. Especially in red!!!

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