Five on Friday, um… Saturday

We all know what they say about the “best laid plans”. Well, yesterday the plan had been to get out early to find a Five on Friday, head straight on to meet American Gal, then head home to take photos of the Five on Friday Find (FoFF), get in a DVD workout, blog and have a relaxed meal at home with the Frog. This is more how my day started out. I hit the snooze on my alarm once twice thrice four times, and when finally out bed I was full of life madly craving coffee. My make-up magically appeared took a really long time, and I was out the door only five minutes half an hour later than planned.

I turned to my trusted companion Paris Pas Cher 2010, once more for guidance. According to the writers, my neighborhood abounds in bargain shops. This is something I was unaware of. On Thursday while I was trying to get a head-start for this FoF, I pre-visited a store which I was certain would have many a bargain, but would be outside of the FoF budget. I was half right. It was certainly outside the budget, but it didn’t have as, any nice things as I’d hoped. Aside from a pair of Balmain ballerinas at €70, and some D&G heels at €100, there was nothing really that interesting. In my humble opinion, it was like the designers had sent their clothes there to be forgotten about. Quite sad actually.

On Friday I was quite nervous about finding something within my time frame (even more so with the late start). I headed out with a mini-list of places that might be useful. One of the stores on my list is in between two metro stations in my quartier, on a street that I rarely take. From our apartment I could take a few different routes. I headed off in the direction of the nearest intersection with that street, and on my way decided to take a detour to another street where several stores were mentioned. I was pretty soon certain I’d made the right choice. There was a street market!!!

Street Market Rue Saint Charles

I love street markets. So many sights, sounds and smells. It makes a place feel alive, and it lifts my spirits. So while I could have been in entirely the wrong place for a FoFF, I was in the right place for my soul. I took the street slowly, watching venders, and shoppers, and also because it was pretty busy, with the market stalls leaving only a narrow passage for pedestrians between the stalls and the shops. In the stalls there were tights of every colour, t-shirts, berets and other wooly hats, not to mention loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and cheeses.

While passing through a particularly busy section of the market, I was stopped outside a store called Mias. I’ve actually passed this store a few times prior to starting fashion devotion. It’s amazing I’d forgotten about it. In the window there are shoes advertised at €15. Inside it’s minimal. Price signs indicate the cost of items in that section. There was a €5 section as I entered the store, but out of curiosity I delved further. As it turns out €15 is the most you will pay for anything inside. Not bad.

Most items are really not at all to my taste, though there are some decent basics which are on the upper end of the scale (such as tees and basic knits). In general, the clothing inside either looks cheap or it has tried to incorporate one (or two, or three) too many details. This is actually the case with this weeks FoFF. This FoFF is not 100% to my taste either, please bare this in mind when reading on.

Black Cotton Jacket Front

Black Cotton Jacket Back

Are you still with me?

Stitching and Rivet Detail on Back

Button and Rip Detail on Front

So, it’s hardly the most attractive jacket out there… but it doesn’t change the FACT that this jacket only cost €5. I do not jest. I had to buy it as it’s certainly not everyday you can buy a JACKET at this price.

“But if you don’t really like it, then why did you buy it?” I hear you say. Ah, that my friends is a secondary challenge. I’m planning on taking this jacket and turning it into something more tasteful. At the base of this jacket, is a decent foundation. It fits nicely.  The buttons and button tabs can be removed and changed. The rivets are not the greatest quality and appear that they can be removed without leaving gaping holes in the fabric. The stitching details can be unpicked, and the ripped detail around the darts (not too visible in these pics) I’m hoping to camouflage. Consider these pics the before photos… and stay tuned for the after pics.

I will visit Mias again. This trip not only showed me I have a place to find a FoF when I’m at a crunch, but it’s also going on my I-need-something-new-but don’t-have-much-money List (it joins another shop at the end of our street). There were a few things that were nice and simple, in attractive colours. I even treated myself to two blazers on this trip. I forked out the hefty maximum €15 twice. The blazers are simple cord, have a nice shape, have attractive lapels and are everything I need in a basic jacket. (I took one in black, and one in grey… I know I’m gonna have to splash out in another colour soon).

Since I was done with my FoF so quickly (and since I was still in my quartier), I decided to walk home via some of the other stores on my list. Two I won’t be bothering with again, and the one which I’d planned on visiting first wasn’t even open. I will be visiting during open hours. This secondhand store was holding hostage many a treasure. Dior, Prada, Chanel… all our friends were there!

As for my masterfully planned day. I managed to off-load my shopping before heading out. American Gal and I gossiped, and shopped until well after sun-down, and I made it home with only time to change and re-touch, before heading out for a dinner we were invited to during the course of the afternoon. It was such a nice day and evening, well worth the change in plans. We were out until late, and so more of my best laid plans such as running and blogging before tackling more Christmas shopping went out the window.

I leave you with some more photos yesterday, including one of me rocking one of my new €15 blazers.

The Gorgeous Lights of Galleries Lafayette

View From the Window of our Friend's

About to head out the door in a €15 blazer... shhhh!


~ by fashiondevotion on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Five on Friday, um… Saturday”

  1. You could definitely revamp that jacket into something amazing!

    ahh… the lights of Galeries Lafayette. It’s beautiful.

    • I wish that photo of the lights did Galleries Lafayette justice. So much prettier than that in person. And the jacket revamp has begun… no more dodgy rivets, and the days of that red stitching are numbered 😉

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