This afternoon we took a stroll through the Christmas markets along the Champs Élysée. The footpaths were packed, and the delicious aroma of vin chaud (mulled wine) was in the air. Children were chomping on toffee apples and enjoying the fluffy sweetness of fairy floss (cotton candy/barbapapa). Despite the cold, and the wet weather it seems everyone is out there soaking up the Christmas spirit.

Our Christmas shopping has not gotten off to a good start. The Frog and I have been giving great consideration to our gifts this year, but it seems we flat out of ideas. It’s somewhat stressful to think we now have less than two weeks to get all the Paris shopping in before we head back to the Alps for the Christmas Season. Yesterday we spent the afternoon in the big department stores amongst hoards of pushy shoppers. It’s almost like a competition here in every respect. The fastest snag the last of the popular items, the taller spot what they are looking for faster, and the stronger push their way through the crowds much easier.

That aside I did manage to get the Christmas shopping off the ground. Sometimes starting with the children you need to shop for is a great way to get going. They normally need clothes, and they generally know exactly what they want. I find just being able to buy that first gift really gets the ball rolling.

I was in Zara Kids, and looking at the gorgeous clothes they make often make me jealous. For sure they look cute because they are tiny in size, but the colours are so much more attractive. The details are delicious. The patterns are so much more fun. So it always gets me thinking… why do we never really see these qualities in “grown-ups” clothes?

Certainly some details would look out of place on us, but others can certainly work. I’ve even been known to shop in the kids department just to add some flavour to my wardrobe. Amongst my circle of friends we’ve often spoken about making childrens (styled clothing) for adults, and a few have even gotten started on the challenge. Would this really work though? Years ago, I became a fan of the brand Boden. The leaflet that I first saw spoke of them making clothing more fun for us “big people”, and they certainly have a wide, colourful colour-palatte. Some of the cuts, and details are cuter in detail, and I find they bridge the gap between child and adult very well, and very appropriately.

This week I plan on researching labels which are more fun for us “big people” and I’ll be sharing my findings soon enough.

How many of you out there have ever picked up a child’s outfit and asked… Now why don’t they make this in my size?


~ by fashiondevotion on December 6, 2009.

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