Six hours at the Table

View of the Mountains on the drive home

I am back from my whirlwind trip to the Alps, and I must say I’m rather proud of myself for unpacking straight away. In general I leave my bag for days weeks and it’s just been a force of habit (as a kid I was always on the move so it just made sense to leave most things in the case). I even managed to pack fairly light, even if several items never came out of the bag.

The purpose of our trip to the Alps was to attend a big, family lunch. Past experience has shown that these meals can last for many hours, and are in general over-catered. This was no exception. I have to go in with a strategy. Here people take offence if you don’t eat, but I can never make it through all those courses. We’re talking drinks and nibbles, salad, maincourse, cheese, icecream, cake, and of course tea or coffee with chocolates and sweets. Even the biggest of eaters could struggle through this food gauntlet. The salad alone would have finished me off.

For me the simple act of just sitting for that length of time with food in my belly doesn’t help. I have a sensitive stomach which swells after every meal. I didn’t want to get caught out with a swollen gut and figure hugging clothing. Often though looser clothes don’t look nice enough for company, so here is the outfit that worked for the six hours spent at the table.

H&M Sweater Dress

Black Marks & Spencers Cotton Rich Thermal Tights (which I stocked up on, while on the Island), kept my stems warm and lines smooth under this wonderful grey H&M Sweater Dress. This sweater dress was key. It fits well over the thighs and butt (without fitting too tight), but is nice and loose over the shoulders and torso. It’s also heavy enough to keep warm, but the short sleeves left enough airflow to not over-heat. I was sat by a radiator, so I was so thankful for this particular feature. I took my black Topshop arm-warmers for added heat when needed. The large cowl collar on the sweater dress was great for keeping my neck warm, and with my jacket I could pull it up and have it double as a scarf.

Lovely Cowl on Sweater Dress and My 'Trademark' Necklace

H&M Jacket

This jacket (also from H&M) is perhaps not thick enough to serve me throughout the coldest weeks months of winter, but it was the perfect weight for the weather over the weekend. I love the collar on this jacket. It just sits so nicely, and it looks great up when the temperature drops. I wore my trusty black suede boots for comfort, and they really pulled together the whole look. I bought these a millennium ago at Rudy’s, they had suede fringing around the ankle which I cut off.

Suede Boots from Rudy's & Topshop Arm-Warmers

I spent quite a bit of time on my make-up (more because it’s great camouflage for the allergic reaction I’m having to something). I gave myself smokey eyes, with a MAC sparkly, black eye pencil and MAC black and brown powder eyeshadows. My hair I left mostly down, but half french braided across the top of my head.

I kept my accessories to a minimum, just my trademark necklace, bangle and engagement ring. I didn’t even wear a belt, preferring to keep the line of the sweater dress uncluttered. It’s always a but of a conundrum dressing for occasions in the Alps. In general nobody ever gets really dressed-up, but I think it’s important to try and make an effort. I couldn’t have been happier with what I wore on the day.


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