Friday comes early this week

As promised my Five on Friday comes early this week. Since I’ve now missed two weeks in a row, I thought it was about time I got my act together. I’m actually blogging for the first time on my iPhone as I’m now en route to the French Alps (and it’s for this reason my regular Friday challenge had to move days).

Ski resorts are great places for good clean fun. They are not quite a shoppers paradise (unless your idea of shoppers paradise is paying way too much for ski clothes). Bargains are generally not to be found. Anyone who has ever been on a ski trip can attest to the fact that ski resorts or expensive places. Besides which this trip is hardly a ski trip. It’s a brief weekend trip to the future frog-in-laws. If we even manage getting to the resort this weekend we’ll be lucky (family commitments and such).

So for this reason I hunted fit a Five on Friday whilst out and about on Wednesday. It was actually a rather unexpected find this time. I was out catching up with my American gal in Paris checking out the big H&M’s near Galleries Lafayette.

Neither American Gal or myself was in town for the launch of Jimmy Choo for H&M and clearly we missed something big. Both stores had only a few items each. Since it appeared the HMS Choo had sailed we decided on a good rummage through anyway. I was especially on the hunt for something for this weekend.

As I perused rail after rail of low cost clothing my list of things to try on was growing bigger and bigger. I particularly like the rails of clothing people have just tried on. In my opinion it gives a good cross section of the range. On one such rail I came across a simple black Lycra skirt. The €10 price tag meant it couldn’t be my Five, but it did still interst me as a simple, basic addition to my wardrobe. This particular skirt was not at all my size… So the HUNT was on!!!

I practically turned H&M upside down looking for this skirts’ sisters, and I eventually found them. In fact, I found an entire family of black Lycra skirts in their natural habitat. Amongst these skirts I discovered several different styles and lengths, not to mention some different prices. That’s right… I found a skirt at €4.95! It was the simplest of all of them, which was perfect for me. I plan on layering it with long tees and funky leggings.

For sure I could have whipped up a skirt like this myself in no time… But for this price why would I bother?

This shopping trip yeilded some other fab finds which I will share with you all soon. Preferably when I’m not blogging from my iPhone in the car (as anyone who knows me knows this is quite the feat as I don’t travel well).

Here it is as promised. (what is essentially a skerik of black fabric).

H&M Skirt

A bientôt!


~ by fashiondevotion on November 26, 2009.

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  1. […] of the Lancôme freebies I received while out and about. I’ve also added directly to my post Friday comes early this week the photo of the skirt I picked up for the previous week. LONG H&M Leg-warmers Lovin Lancôme […]

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