Boasting Burberry

Throughout my time living on the Island I always heard about the Outlet Stores in Portsmouth Harbour. Never did I go. On this visit, my Aunty proposed a trip down there to check out Gunwharf Quays, I decided it might be a nice way to boost my wardrobe with minimal expenditure. I’m not a cheap-skate, I just have limited finances. We decided to make it a girly trip, and so another friend joined my Aunt and I. Anyhow, Gunwharf was not at all what I was expecting. I expected different stores all boasting racks of faulty, sale and out-of-season stock, in fairly shabby looking shops. WAS I WRONG!

After a much needed cafe latte, we hit Polo by Ralph Lauren. The store was immaculate, and presented in typical, classic RL style. Promotions were advertised throughout the store, and a closer look at the price tags showed RRP, and the sale price. For sure there was large savings on all items, though prices were still a bit too high for my budget. I fell in love with a Crested Blazer, though I had to leave it there the price was still out of my league. I did carry it around the store for a while so we could bond. I haven’t managed to find an image of the exact jacket.

After RL we found the CK Lingerie outlet. Lots of lovely things and very reasonable prices. Of course nice, new undergarments are always useful. For the moment. I’m more concerned with clothing seen by the public at large. I was almost seduced buy some men’s PJ bottoms but I kept the bigger picture in mind.

I was soon given the chance to check things out on my own. My Aunt headed to Adidas and I found French Connection. I found plenty of things I’d like, including a navy blue coat I’ve been looking at for some time. I must say with the huge saving on the coat I was extremely tempted to indulge, though I feel a black coat is really what’s missing from my wardrobe, and so passed on the navy blue number.

LK Bennet was a bit of lost cause for me. They make lovely shoes (more on the posh side), yet the shelves housing the size 39s was rather underpopulated. The sale prices also remained quite high. LK Bennet clothing is very classic, but not really my style just now, so I didn’t bother to look too much. On my way to rejoin my Aunt I discovered Burberry.

I must say that I’m not a huge fan of the Burberry traditional check design, though I think they make lovely coats, and trenches. Had it not been for my new friend in Paris mentioning that Burberry have good sales, I probably would have passed right by the shop. Just as RL had been immaculately presented so was Burberry. There were a few rails about the store with reduced trenches or coats, and so I gravitated that way. There were incredible savings, I couldn’t believe how much they had slashed off the prices. It’s something I’ll bear in mind for the future. To one side of the store I found a rail with everything reduced to £79. There were a few light jackets, and a few other bits and bobs, and just as I was about to move on I found the cutest little military jacket in just my size. It fit like a glove. Just as with the RL blazer, Burberry and I bonded, and soon my Aunt and friend found me. Perfect… a second (and third) opinion! Well, they loved it, and to further convince me to buy it my Aunt offered to contribute as my Christmas gift. SOLD!!! I almost lost it too. Just as I’d replaced my own coat a girl reached in to grab it, but noticing she was about to take my future purchase she relinquished and disaster was averted. Whew!

Real Burberry Label

So I now own Burberry! I’m very proud. I’m even all signed-up on the mailing list so I can check-out the Burberry sales here in Paris.

My New Burberry Jacket

After a bite to eat we had just under an hour to look around before heading home (and trying to avoid peak traffic). We hit-up Paul Smith, Guess, Hobbs (they still make gorgeous boots), French Connection (again), Osprey, Fat Face, Next and more. It was such a quick visit to Gunwharf, but so worth it. As I said it was not the mess that I thought it would be. There are bargains to be had, but not everything is cheap. I think when I have a few extra £s in the bank (and a few more hours) I could do some serious damage there. Even as we were leaving I saw other stores I hadn’t even noticed before that.

I recommend making a trip out to Gunwharf Quays. Set aside at least half a day, and prepare to spend some money.


~ by fashiondevotion on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Boasting Burberry”

  1. Love the jacket.

  2. […] on something that I felt I could leave the apartment in. I was eager to build an outfit around my Burberry Jacket, though it turns out it doesn’t match with most of my […]

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