On the Island

I made it to the Island in one piece and the time is whizzing by! I have high-jacked this laptop for just a few minutes to tell you all how happy I am to be here, to be amongst friends and family, and to be cruising down memory lane.

Today, I had a coffee in on of my old hang-outs and wondered why my view of the street seemed so different. Well, the street was unchanged, it was the furniture in the cafe. Before there was a bar with stools that looked directly out onto the narrow, cobbled road, and now there are cushy armchairs, that are side-on to the windows.

I’ve also been reminded of the vast number of brands that I’d almost totally forgotten about. Namely Reiss, Whistles and Kew. I am totally excited about having a big, long look around on Saturday, even though it’ll be super busy. I used to work in this town and Saturdays were manic. People used to ask if we were having a sale, but the truth was we barely had access to put clothes back in their place… it was that busy!

So far I have just sussed-out the shop windows. I had a fleeting visit into town yesterday, and in my excitement to be back in this pace that made me so happy, and with a friend who means so much to me, I didn’t even step foot inside a clothing shop! Today I was back in town, this time with luggage in tow. So it really wasn’t the time to be hitting-up the clothing rails and fitting-rooms. Saturday is the day, and I will be in the company of a dear friend with whom I’ve spent many days perusing these same shops.

Stand-by for my shopping up-dates, my takes on British Fashion, and the Fashion Divide (Mainland vs Island).


~ by fashiondevotion on November 12, 2009.

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