Packing… eeekkk!!!

Despite my vast experience of packing bags, I’d have to say I’m no closer to discovering a fail-safe method for packing perfectly. It’s also something that I really dislike doing. I feel I’ve spent a huge piece of my life living out of, and packing bags. In general I take EVERYTHING with me (especially when the budget is tight). When I feel like I’ve forgotten something I just tell myself “It’s not like it’s a third world country, they’ll have…” (note: this only works if you’re NOT going to a third world country. I mean no disrespect to third world countries by the way).

I’m headed to the Island (England) tomorrow (actually today now), and I’m pretty much ready to go. Today our apartment has been washing and packing central! My travel outfit is ready, and what can go into my bag has gone in. Things that I’ll need tomorrow will go in as soon as I’m done with them (toiletries and such).

Rather bizarrely for me, I have plenty of space left, despite packing more than I’ll need for the week. Maybe it’s my new bargain luggage? I had to order new luggage, as my old stuff would probably not last another trip. It’s a label called Lulu Castagnette. It’s pretty cutesy, which is not normally my style, but I went for a more grown-up beige, cream and navy combination, and as its patterned it’ll be easier to spot on the luggage belt. (I’ve had some near disasters with my old purple cases, they are quite common in Australia, and in the race to get through customs people have started walking away with mine.) I ordered online, and managed a fantastic deal, otherwise I might have tried tempting fate with the old stuff just one more time, and asked for new luggage at Christmas. I’m very impressed with the solidity of the bags. The design is simple yet functional, and they seem bigger than they did in the photos. I decided on travel bags with wheels as opposed to suitcases this time. They are just that bit lighter.

Since these bags came in a set I’m packing the smaller bag inside the big mamma just in case I manage a spot of retail therapy. I’ve managed to fit a load into the big one.

Looking into the bag, I’ve noticed a colour scheme. Not something I’ve done intentionally (I have packed with a colour theme in mind before), and this is perhaps why I have so much space left. Everything goes with everything. I’ve somehow minimised on shoes and other accessories. This is not like me at all. I must be unwell. For hand luggage I’ll just have my handbag, and a few bottles of vin rouge for gifts, I’m not planning on boozing it up on the Eurostar.

Sadly, I don’t have a laptop case yet, and so my baby will have to stay here. I hope to high-jack a computer from time-to-time while I’m away, so I can keep up with the blog. And I plan on finding a Five on Friday on my travels. Apologies in advance for my absence.


~ by fashiondevotion on November 11, 2009.

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