Simple Solution

The weather has really changed here in Paris. It seems only a few weeks ago, I was wearing T-shirts, and only debating whether I should take a jacket with me. Now I’m tempted to take the duvet out on the streets with me. How am I going to cope when it gets even colder?

Anyway, I’ve decided that my well used winter woolies, belong at home, and should not be seen in public. This leaves me with a handful of long sleeved t-shirts, and my summer tees. Our busy weekend of entertaining in our little flat, and walking about town with some Italian chums, meant that our laundry had to take a back-seat. Translation… I had nothing but the summer tees to get me through today. Not exactly the warmest attire. In my desperation to keep warm, I came across several pairs of tights I don’t wear anymore, and all my student memories came flooding back.

I immediately took to a pair of tights with a pair of scissors. I cut off the toes, and wanting to keep the length as long as possible I cut off the body part at the level of the gusset. Then, I cut a slash a few centimetres long (following the length of the tights) a few centimetres from where the toes used to be. (This is a thumb hole). Et Voila! Instant, inexpensive arm-warmers! I’m a huge fan of arm-warmers and I know I’m not the only one. The only problem is I can’t find any that really please me. I know they’re out there… somewhere. I asked Mum if she could knit me some, but the silence on the other end of the phone pretty much assured me that wasn’t going to happen. I’ll have to beg and plead with the only other person I know who is gifted with a pair of knitting needles. Despite all my sewing experience… I can NOT knit! I do own some very cool wooden knitting needles, and a how to knit DVD (Thanks Nanna!) so I’ll get around to it one day.

Though I would prefer wooly arm-warmers this is a simple solution for the interim. I felt great today. I kept my look very rock and roll. I paired my new €4 printed tee, with old black jeans, black suede ankle boots, black leather belt (featured in my header image), with my new arm-warmers (I used a pair of grey tights). I further accessorised with grey beads, a diamante pendant, and my new grey hooded scarf from AA. For my hair I pinned up my fringe/bangs and twisted my dark mop into a knot. I also let myself get a little liner happy with my black MAC eye pencil! For going outside I used one of my more acceptable black cardigans (as an extra layer only), and a well loved pink biker jacket.

I’ll add photos to this post soon. Promise.


~ by fashiondevotion on November 10, 2009.

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